Monday, December 16, 2013

We must be Kool & the Gang! Cause we're doing a lot of celebratin' up in here!

We have a lot to celebrate in December. Not only the expected, but also Quinn's birthday on the 15th & Our anniversary on the 16th!
Quinn had a Mexican FIESTA this year for his 5th birthday!
It was a rainy & gloomy day, but a GOOD day packed with fun adventures!

This boy has brought so much JOY into our lives. From day one he was so easy & happy & just a little clown.
Smitten with his big bro & the BEST share-er. He always thinks about others & is a little social butterfly.
Judah barely mentions any of the little girls in his life, where as Quinn tells me every other day who he's going to marry & who is girlfriend is. First he wanted to marry me, then Viviana, and now he's really into his little friend Charlotte. Can you say lady killer?
And he has a STORY for everyone about everything. & most aren't true & totally outlandish.  And no matter what you've done, he's done it too. (going to the moon, building a house, etc).
While Judah is our voice of reason, Quinn keeps us rolling.  He is a total & complete clown.
We are SO blessed to have him!

Quinn was SO embarrassed when we all stated singing Happy Birthday to him!

Quinn told the Schofields that he was going to marry their daughter (in purple).... (it's his "GF", Charlotte).

After Quinn's morning birthday party we drove to Moncks Corner, then to Jedburg, then to downtown for more activities. We had some pooped little partiers!
We couldn't miss Ivan's birthday party- the annual ugly Christmas sweater party!

Happy Birthday Ivan!! We love you!

Aren't these adorbs! Kat is so talented with her food. :)

Ramon is flying home tomorrow, we'll miss him & were so glad he was here for so many special celebrations this year!

Just doesn't get much cuter than these 3 little Christmas elves....

I cannot believe it's been 8 years (!!!!) since I married the BEST person I know.
There are so many wonderful things about Guillermo, too many to count.  I am SO glad to be with him 4-Eva!
Remembering that amazing, magical day 8 years ago! The Christmas- Rock -n- Roll-ness.... ahhhh, my only regret, not video-ing the ceremony!!!

Ahhhh, I feel so blessed!

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