Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Thanksgiving Splendor!

So, let's just say that this Thanksgiving was atypical because we were all sick that week (minus Judah, thank the Lord).
Viviana had the stomach flu Sunday, Quinn had it Monday, Guillermo had it Tuesday and I came down with it Wednesday.
Luckily I was the only one that still had it on Thanksgiving, so at least the kids & G had fun with the family.
Guillermo & Quinn have never had the stomach flu in their lives, before now, so that was interesting. Also, having a barfing baby & a broken washing machine was REALLY interesting. Sigh.... but despite all of this, we managed to have a great, yet short time with our family!
Someone was very excited to terrorize the house while everyone was busy preparing food & mama was trying to rest on a chair!! :)

 My favorite Puerto Rican chef! (and my favorite pecan pie baker too)
 My Mom is happy because she has so many great cooks in her family, Lol. :)
 Papa & his favorite little girl!

Firoze dazzling the boys with magic tricks!

Quinn's "best friend" is Rebecca's dog Giovanni. He will NOT put him down the entire time they are here! Also, Dean is the most snuggly human being I've ever been around. He'll give a perfect stranger a bear hug for 2 minutes straight. I love him!
Devon the transformer master & Julie sharing a snuggle from the wiggly monkey....

The great thing about my parents neighborhood is their awesome long, (4 mile) sidewalk circle.  We always take a nice walk before & after big meals to get everyone's energy out.

Playing in those gorgeous leaves!

Love that Judah felt the need to wear his motorcycle helmet to ride the scooter, then didn't give it to Dean when it was his turn to ride....

This is Quinn pouting when someone else got to walk his best friend (Giovanni, the dog).

Oh, the love.

Guillermo & I are quite the Christmas decorating machines! The trick is to do EVERYTHING before the kids are up from a nap (and yes, everyone is forced to take naps on this day) including bringing boxes down & taking them back up except for the boxes that hold the ornaments. Then the kids wake up & we trim the trees!
Viviana blew my mind. She was able to put the ornaments on the tree perfectly! The boys at her age would throw & try to eat the ornaments instead of hang them perfectly on the tree!

I had almost forgot that last year I hit the jackpot at Home Depot about a week or more after Christmas. There were only a few boxed trees left and it was late at night. I asked the manager who was working how much the two trees were and he said he was just ready to get rid of them and how much would I be willing to pay. I told him $20. So I got 2 $90 trees for $20/each. That's almost an 80% discount! I never got a fully decorated picture of Vivi's tree, but it's all pink, silver & "candy" themed.....

This is the other $20 tree, it looks like a really woodsy, boys tree in a barrel & all! I'm so in love. The branches have those long fake needles... and the boys tree is mostly blue ornaments and all of their homemade ornaments thru the years.

Can you see mischief in her eyes? Cause it's there! See the lighted thing next to her on that TV console? It's a Christmas scene that plays music. She thinks she's being naughty when she pushes it and she'll push it 84 times and day and look at me like "look what I've done!".... Sassy girl!
 Vivi's new gingerbread girl stocking! I looooove pink gingerbread stuff this year!
And our favorite part of Christmas! Talking about Jesus' birth & teaching a new little one about "Baby Jesus"....
I can't even tell you how much I love this month!!! Even though almost every single second of it is already planned out with many, many things, it's all good & wonderful!!!

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