Monday, December 9, 2013

And it's begun! Christmas MAGIC!

Every year I know how almost every weekend will pan out in December. And it's wonderful!
First Friday of the month, the Hanahan Tree Lighting... and this year we did it at our new Amphitheater!

Vivi wasn't sure what she thinks about jolly ol' St Nick!
Then the first Saturday of December is the Hanahan Christmas Parade & the Judson's annual Christmas Party!

We're excited to have Guillermo's Dad, Ramon join us for our Christmas activities this year!

Quinn demanded to wear his police uniform to be like my Hanahan co-workers.  He also found himself a 7 year old girlfriend.

Vivi was an angel the entire time & just loved watching the parade (and eating the 80 lbs of candy they were thrown)....

Quinn & his girlfriend, going strong! (proof, every girl loves a guy in uniform?!)

These 2 Puerto Ricans, feeling the USA love!

The kids love my co-workers. They make them feel so special. Our Fire Chief, Chief Barham let them wear his helmet.

We always have so much fun with the Judsons & their family and our friends at this party. I can't wait for the year when ALL the kids are able to hang with their friends & I can have un-interrupted conversations. Right now, talking to me is like talking to delusional person with Tourette's.  I have shifty eyes, always watching behind the person to see what the monkey (Viv) is up to, then I shout, VIVIANA, come back here! and totally interrupt the person. It's exhausting. I wouldn't want to talk to me. ughh.

Don't ever ask a drunk person to take your annual Judson's Party Christmas Photo. Sigh.
Christmas 2010- Judah 3, Quinn 1
Christmas 2011-  Judah 4, Quinn 2
Christmas 2012- Judah 5, Quinn 3, Vivi 8 months in utero. :)

I really wanted to post pics of the kids tree for posterity's sake....

Vivi's tree.  I looooove a girly white tree!!

Every year we do our advent calendar of activities. Mostly free things, around the house. Lots of movies & snacks & family time. Sunday was my FAVORITE movie, Polar Express with hot chocolate. Now the naughty monkey (Viv) somehow snuck into my room, with her sippy cup of hot chocolate and poured hot chocolate ALL OVER my mattress pad cover. (the sheets were washing). Ughhhhh.
Oh well, not even naughty toddler moments can ruin these great Christmas days!

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