Tuesday, November 19, 2013

My Fair Lady, on a leash...... turkey legs & brave boys!

The fair this year was at least 20 times better in year's past because we went during the week and during the day! WHY have we not done this before?? I dunno... anyways, drove straight in, drove straight out, short lines at the rides... heaven.... well, for everyone but one person.
My fair *little*lady. Who wanted to ride EVERY ride and was yelling "SIT DOWN" and pointing to where Judah and Quinn were sitting on each ride.... Poor thing.....
 Sheer happiness!
 Look at them holding hands!

Peek-a-boo Panda!

Can you tell someone was very thrilled to be on a ride?

The best thing about this is that Guillermo smile is concealing that he was about to crap his pants! What's up with getting older and not being able to do heights?? LOL.
Now this, THIS is Guillermo's thing!!
I kept laughing at the irony, of how much I love riding rides, yet I was left giving a certain little cutie pie a ride all night! Almost as fun. -mamahood. lol.

 My brave little dudes!
Yep, she's on a leash.  Just like Judah & Quinn were at her age.... gotta love it! We threw her a few scraps of food she ate off the ground here & there too. JUST kidding. :)

 We got to see some friends over the weekend! The kids love the adorable McMurray twins...

This kid here is SO a monkey!!

My sweet little bumble bee!

And of course, monkey number #2!
This one is into so much mischief lately it just makes me crazy! I should have called her Ferdinand Magellan, cause she's my explorer! Instead of land she's exploring bowls of dog food, my drawers of breakables, the kitchen cabinets, the Kleenex box, the toilet, G's wallet, my purse, my coffee, my perfume, garbage cans... nothing is safe around this one!

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thetalbotts said...

The picture of the boys on the swings holding hands is AMAZING! You are quite the photographer! And you have some pretty awesome subjects. :)