Monday, November 4, 2013

Cowboys & Indians, Miss America & More....

Halloween was unusually warm in Charleston (surprise, surprise)... but for once it was beneficial for Vivi's "Miss America" costume.
I'm not sure how the camera captured a star on her eye brow, but how appropriate! :)

Yeehaw! Quinn ran up to every house and said "Trick or Treat, Happy Halloween, Thank you, Did you see my beard?" to every person handing out candy. It was hilarious. The first three were the required formalities, the part he REALLY wanted to say was about his "beard"...... I think he'd love pretend facial hair everyday!

My sweet little Indian.  Judah was recovering from a stomach flu from the night before, I was so thankful he was able to trick or treat! There is just something so wrong about missing out on a whole year of trick or treating at 6!

You'd better not take her candy bag from her! Or try to carry her. She was Miss Independent, big girl that night!

 She was so proud of her "Min-Mouh" (Minnie mouse) bag. And twirled and twirled to see her skirt tassels move.
Judah scouting out his next conquest! It was so much fun watching them figure out which house to go to next.....
My Dad collected ventriloquist dummies for years & years. He has a few left.  The boys have been begging him to see his dummy.
The boys were in awe. It was so funny to watch them. Part of them believed the dummy was real and part of them knew it was my Dad making him talk.....

Viviana is definitely in the "I want to be just like mama stage" so she always needs a "neck nass" just like me.... here she is getting ready for her little friends to come over...
So the little friends we had over Saturday night... 2 little girls... it was SO MUCH FUN! We made pizzas, since I thought little girls would like that. I rarely think about Vivi & what she wants to do (since she's so young & goes with the flow).. so we typically do stuff for the boys (which most times is gender neutral, park, bike riding, playing ball)... but this night it was about the girls and it made me think back to my childhood with my 2 sisters.... so much fun! They were all so cute!

For chefs ranging from 1-6 I thought they did pretty good!

Little cutie, Lilly Mae. And her sister, Julee (all the pictures I got of her were blurry, ughh) was born on Viviana's exact birthday! Crazy, huh!

My Little Pony time! YAY!!!!

Sunday was the PERFECT chilly fall day to go running & bike riding! I was so proud, I could run a whole mile without feeling winded! I'm slowing building up my endurance. :)

I love Judah's bike (vintage Schwinn we found at the flea market)!

Had to get Vivi striking a pose.....

Is someone as excited about fall leaves as their mama? YES!

Can you believe it is NOVEMBER????

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