Monday, October 14, 2013

Tights & Football!

I'm so stinkin' excited! It's actually getting slightly cooler here and you know what that means? TIGHTS weather!!! And I found so many cute tights at the end of the season last year that I forgot about (for Viviana) it was like Christmas finding them all over again! 
Yay! Tights!
And this time of year is awesome for the boys because of FOOTBALL (my husband's obsession). 
Once a year we get to work in the concession stand for City of Hanahan night at the Hanahan Hawk's game and it is so much fun! Like a little piece of Norman Rockwell's American world!
Ivan & Kat were so awesome to come watch the kids while we worked. 

And running into great friends!

Working the concession with great friends!

Since we don't have any Hawks gear we support their color by everyone wearing orange....
You know when you have those moments in your week where things are just perfect? Well, Sunday was sort of that day.
Viviana has been sick, on the mends, but we feared it might be hand/foot/mouth so we wanted to keep her away from babies at church so we decided to be super productive at my parents house. All of us worked really hard to clean up their yard since it's hard for my Dad to do that stuff  anymore and I was SO PROUD of the boys! They are such hard workers. I make them do chores everyday, empty the dish washer, clean their room and you can really tell it has paid off to see the pride in their work in bigger jobs like cleaning base boards, dusting & yard work.
As a mama, I am just so proud of them! I should've taken a picture but they helped us stuff at least 10 30 gallon paper/yard debris bags of limbs/leaves, etc.
And Sunday night we had a perfect night of pizza party, doors & windows open feeling a perfect chilly fall night & Elf (our favorite Christmas movie, well- neck & neck with Polar Express).
Those are the days where I just think God is good, we are SO BLESSED!
I am blessed by this little one......even though she is getting sassy!

And the countdown is on!!! I will start listening to Christmas music in exactly 16 days and I'm SO excited!!

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