Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The many faces of a little stinker & the pumpkin patch!

Viviana is at that age where she is negotiating whether she is a baby or a big kid, whether she's independent or if she wants to be babied.
She wants to do mischievous things all day as she explores and even taking a few pictures of her this past weekend you can see it all over her beautiful little face!

She's thinking about doing something she shouldn't, like throwing that pumpkin across the room....
And she doesn't like me telling her what to do....

 But she wants me to know she still loves me and wants me to hold her...... 

Then at dinner she wants to do something very naughty, like put her food bowl on her head......
But when Guillermo reprimands her she rubs his arm to let him know she's not going to do it and she still loves him.  She is so silly!!

Can you tell someone didn't want to watch Annie this weekend and was feeling a little mischievous himself?? :)

Nothing says fall like your fall tablecloth, glass pumpkin and 'Pac!

Friday night we drove all over tarnation drinking in the gorgeous, chilly, fall weather trying to find a spot on the Francis Marion National Forest to build a fire, with no avail (note to self, do not drive around in the boonies after dark in Cordsville, SC, figure out where you're going during the DAY! lol)
So we ended up back home. Bur burr. Oh well. we tried!

Smores makes us VERY happy!

It's always fun to don our warm sweaters & boots!

Quinn of course prefers costumes & gloves to sweaters & flannels.  He said he was the football team the "green swamps"- pretty ingenious if you ask me!

More weekend fun!

Every year our pumpkin carving is fun, the kids watch, we're usually at my parents house, but this year we had exactly 1.5 hours to eat dinner (Gmo had been smoking meat all day) and carve pumpkins before Gmo had to leave, so seeing as our family pumpkin carvers were unavailable, I took it upon myself to figure something out. Fast! Lol... hey, the kids love them.... and they'll rot in 2.4 seconds in this heat anyways. 

They weren't kidding when they said girls are made out of sugar & spice!!

The kids are doing SO well with their chores! They earn 2 dollars a week, they empty the dishwasher and clean their room everyday and they dust & clean the bathrooms on the weekend. Now Quinn needs an adult to "clean" behind him in the bathrooms, but Judah does a jam up job with the dusting. Thank you Jesus!! Makes me feel like running around jumping for joy! One chore passed onto children! :) I am SO proud of their work ethic!

This weekend we also got to go to Boone Hall's pumpkin patch.. it's so much fun! Pumpkin patches are a little slice of Heaven!

Vivi "made" cake and then was yelling for JU-JAHHHHHH to come have a slice. Too bad Ju-jah was having too much fun on the 2 story slide that she couldn't go on!

How awesome is Kat for jumping with Vivi on the big jump pillow!

We loooove doing special holiday traditions with friends & family, we were so glad Tio & Miss Kat were able to come with us!

I hope all the little (adorable) stinkers in your life are behaving this week! :)

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