Monday, October 21, 2013

The Everyday Adventure

The best part of the fall, leading up 'til Christmas is that everything becomes an adventure!
You're not just dressing for the day, you get to wear LONG SLEEVES (or tights) or that jacket you got on sale at the end of the season last year.....
You're not just going outside, you're going outside only to ENJOY the cooler weather...
You're not just going to the grocery store, you're going to buy special ingredients for a special fall inspired meal....
Every moment of every day in this girl's life is exciting because 75% of the time she's doing something she shouldn't.  And we all know how "exciting" that is when you're 20 months old.
Like grabbing my cup of cranberry juice and spilling it over my whole nightstand, bed and stack of books.
I was so mad, I just told Gmo to literally take the entire stack of books and throw them away. Most I had read anyways and I was saving "just because" or the ones I haven't read I thought, I'll find it again for $1 at the thrift store- not messing with those cranberry juice covered books again.
So the next day Judah took the bag of books to the trash and brought back a devotional book and said "we can't throw this one away" and I asked why not and he said
"because it's about Jesus"
This kid kills me, he has such a tender heart and he gets it. He knows what's most important in life.  He's so special to me. Every day I notice something even more special than the last about his personality.
For example:
Guillermo has deemed the dinner table a "no humming" zone. As the kids literally HUM all meal, every meal if you let them. I don't care, but it bothers him. 
So while Guillermo was at church drumming the night service last night Quinn started humming. Judah told him to stop. I told Judah that they could hum and he said that he wasn't going to because Daddy had told him no and even though he wasn't there he didn't want to do it. 
I was so happy and told him what a mature decision it is to listen and obey even when those people who have created the rules aren't around and of course that God always sees what we're doing. 
 But I told him that it was Daddy's preference that we not hum at the table, so since he wasn't there he would be ok with us singing and for the rest of dinner I think we all hummed the entire Star Wars soundtrack as loud as we could! *nerd alert*
Also, this weekend I taught the kids how to play bingo.  I showed them what covered lines would win and Judah said "that's horizontal, that's vertical, but you can't do a spiral jetty or Gary line".  So at 6, in first grade my child has officially said something I didn't know what the heck it was. So in the case of "do you know more than a fifth grader?" - apparently I don't know as much as a 1st grader! Lol.

 Some days I feel like all I say is "Viviana, NO NO"  "That's NO NO" - I forget how tiring this age is!
I hate saying constant NO to the kids and I know this stage will pass, but she sure looks cute when she pouts!
 Judah is the best older brother in the whole world! 
 Doesn't he look like a ten year old here instead of 6?

We love our church! (and all of our awesome friends, big & small)

On the way home from lunch we stopped at an estate sale.  The woman gave the kids all sorts of goodies!

 She even gave the big guy a lollipop!
Quinn begged me to take his picture next to the pumpkin at the grocery store.... he's so funny! You know when the picture is Quinn's idea, because he gives a genuine smile!

Guillermo's eyes have been copy & pasted into Judah's head. They are his Exact.Same.Eyes. He even has his exact same astigmatism. And even now, the famous Guillermo eye squint (see two pics above)..... Lol......

Happy Adventuring!

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