Tuesday, October 8, 2013

It's Fall Y'all!

I don't think I'll every be "ok" with Charleston's bi-polar fall weather, but at least you can do FALL things and just pray that maybe today you'll get that low 70 weather and at least wear 2 layers & it sort of FEEL like fall!!
 And of course fall means DONUTS & pumpkin lattes.  But oh, do I miss the days in Michigan with the cider mills, picking apples, drinking cider & eating their donuts!
And making amazing comfort food recipes like this roasted cauliflower and aged white cheddar soup.
SO EASY, and cheap and AMAZING!!!
It's on my pinterest page "mamalovesrap" (coco soler) if you're interested in the real recipe but it's basically roasted cauliflower (salt/pepper/garlic powder), sautéed onions & garlic cloves, veggie broth & the cheese!

Puree it and here ya go! YUMMMMMMMM.

Making apple crisp with the boys...... on my Pinterest page as well....
It was SO GOOD!

Quinn gets to make a lot of pumpkin crafts at "homeschool"..
Rocking our long sleeved shirts FINALLY! (even though they are covered in lunch)

 Special times with family....

Working out, being outdoors every chance we get! (even when the temps are back up to "hades" and you get sunburns- grrrrrr).....

 The kids & I have been working out about 4 days a week for a month now.  It's usually at home at night, but every single weekend we go on a big adventure. I am soooo impressed with my strong boys. Doing pull ups & going on & on for miles. Although we do have ONE major complainer in the bunch who is usually talking about how his bones are breaking by the end (I'll give you a hint, here he was shark man)......
And fulfilling Guillermo's favorite fall tradition- a crab boil... the boys loved it!


  Vivi & I loved to eat the corn & potatoes. :)
And lots of fun stuff going on at the church, here we had family movie night! The kids snacked their brains out!

As always, just trying to savor each precious moment about each of these months leading up until Christmas. 
It's CRAZY busy, this is what I'm heading up at work, not even counting my personal life (or my normal work responsibilities): I'm heading up a Halloween carnival for over 250 people for my Berkeley Leadership class, in charge of the committee that does our employee Thanksgiving lunch & Christmas party.  In charge of games for our big Red, White & Blue Fall Festival which we anticipate over 700 people.   Just call me the crazy holiday lady! Phew! :)
But it's all goodness, love every minute of it and look forward to what fun stuff I can do with my favorite peeps every night & weekend!
It's the best time of the year- cause it's fall ya'll!

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