Monday, September 16, 2013

Tick Tock and Ya Don't Stop!

Tomorrow I turn 35 and I've been doing a bit of reflecting on time. Like, how the heck am I turning 35? I thought I was just 24 yesterday?  How is my oldest child telling me Beethoven's life story already? Isn't he just a baby? How is it my actual "baby", Viviana is able to count to ten and say little sentences & sing songs, wasn't she born just a few month ago?
It's scary how fast life is flying.
But life is so good. Life is beautiful. I treasure the little things and always have.  Especially after last week I hold the kids closer & snuggle longer. 
I am so, SO grateful & happy for this life God has blessed me with. There is no greater gift than being content & happy & at peace with your life (even the parts that aren't what you hoped, but you are ok with). 
The only thing I regret at 35 is the "butt crack" wrinkle that has formed on my forehead from having concentration face at work (which unfortunately is just a scowl- I can't help it!) and -WTH, you'd better stop that-face with the kids.  I could have moisturized better. Or been more patient. ;)
Maybe for my 40th birthday- botox my forehead butt crack.
Anyways, this weekend we celebrated my birthday as a family and it was my perfect day filled doing the BEST things as a mama and none of the obnoxious stuff (God bless my amazing hubby, who did all the obnoxious stuff for the whole day, including clean the house/cook/change poop diapers, etc).  I got to sleep in, read books on the floor, snuggle with kids, take lots of pictures, play dress up, have dance parties, have control of the remote & radio station, walk around the mall. A day really does not get any better than that!
 Just stare into this sweet little face.....
And tell my little knight in shining armor how special he is to me.
 The littles like littles.  Little toys that is. Judah just sat and played with a lego helmet on his finger for 1/2 hour!
 And Quinn's favorite toys he played with for a week straight and promptly left at the mall play area later this day. He's so sad.
 And these little guys ride in the miniature millennium falcon.....
(by the way, these are the kids favorite pictures to look at, which is why I post them on my blog)

 My happy, snuggly, hilarious girl.

We need one of these digital pads at the house!  

 And Sunday was beautiful & fun. Playing, pool, church, going to Mimi & Papas house- perfect! Even if G was at church all day playing drums!

 Let me just tell you, NOTHING (outside of all of my favorite human beings) makes me happier than a CLEAN kitchen.  You see the kitchen island? That's the only place in my house that perpetually gathers junk. Important junk, bills, instructions, receipts, "to do" and when it's clean that means 1 of 2 things is happening, company is coming over and it's hidden in the desk armoire OR everything is DONE! And Sunday, everything was DONE. I want to remember this forever! :)
 And if having a clean kitchen  and empty "to do" list be my favorite thing in the world, wanting a quiche for my birthday dinner probably makes me about 95 years old! Lol.

Look! Because of the picture being overexposed you can't see the forehead butt crack! :)  To my sweet, dear, hubby.  Thank you for such an special day!!

And for the overexposed stupid photos, there are some that just turn out this. Ain't that just like life, you can look at all your pictures and just see the over exposed ones or the grainy ones, or the out of focus ones and think - everything sucks, or you can see those few gems, those few ones where the lighting was just perfect and say- this is pretty freaking amazing! And I have to say- life is pretty freaking amazing, thank you God!

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