Monday, September 23, 2013

Life on the run.....

This is pretty much life everyday.... the kids running around the house, the car, the store (sigh)Viviana is in the stage where she wants to run from us as fast as she can.  And Quinn still dresses up pretty much all day everyday and here he is in his police costume catching the "bad guy"....
Fast as fast can be, you'll never catch me!

 On my birthday I think I got the most exciting delivery of my life, from my sweet sis, Julie! The biggest Tiffany box I've ever seen! (Since my sister has worked at Tiffany's she's sent me the most exciting gifts thru the years).

 I feel like such a grown up with my "big girl purse"!!
 I guess I'm getting OLD when the best thing about a birthday is all the loving cards & encouraging words you get from people! :)
I am so blessed to be surrounded by such generous, loving friends & family & coworkers,  but the best gift of all is to have people in your life that you love so much & they love you back equally as much.  Those people are rare & when you find them, hold them as tight as possible & tell them you love them as much as possible!
We tried the new Osaka Japanese Steakhouse on Ashley Phosphate, it was really good!

The sweetest peeps ever!! My dear Mom & Dad.

 I knew the kids would love the "performance" of the Hibachi chef even more now that they're older. They kept asking for "more fire" over & over! That poor guy!
 It seems a little unfair that at 35 I still have to deal with a shiny forehead & zits. Hormones, ughhh!! Judah sure looks cute though!
  I love my family!
 We had our first event at the City's new Amphitheater/Park & it was the  ribbon cutting & movie in the park and it was a HUGE success! I'm soooo happy!
The best thing about functions at work is we all watch each other's kids. I love my coworkers & their families!
We went walking the long trail on Daniel Island this weekend and we stumbled across the BEST PARK EVER!! It's behind the soccer fields near the Family Circle Cup stadium.... had a zip line & everything!

Baby girl was dozing off on the swing & on my back carrier, but as soon as we got home, she was wide awake. Go figure!

I don't usually advertise stuff I sell on CL here on my blog, but these are TOO cute not to offer to my friends!  Two pairs of size 5T Tiny Toms.  Blue corduroy look almost brand new & the brown pair are just slightly worn.  They are $15 (blue) $12 (brown) or $25 for the 2 pairs.

Just text/call me (or leave a comment) if you're interested!

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