Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Its the little things that are the big things!

Going into this past weekend I was very apprehensive because Guillermo was going to spend the weekend in Clemson.
The kids have a tendency to LOSE their minds when he is gone. Not sure why, but it's always been this way. Maybe because I'm more stressed? Maybe it's murphy's law?
So this weekend I had a game plan, the rewards game plan. The boys are always begging to sleep in our bed since we allowed them to do this once over the summer (and stay up late watching movies).  So I told them, one night Judah could sleep in my bed & one night Quinn could sleep in my bed if they were good. So Friday & Saturday they listened & obeyed quickly! And no fighting!
 And we went here, there and everywhere and everyone was great, it was miraculous.
Here we are, leaving early for church! That in itself is a miracle.

 I complimented the kids all weekend what GOOD kids they were and good kids get to do fun stuff and how I was SO proud of them & for helping me around the house, etc. and they beamed with pride...

Until I got to Viviana, she was like the grumpy cat.  I said to her something to the effect "YOU are my GOOD GIRL, you are SO cute & special and I love you!" and she said NO! and looked very angry, we all laughed.  Gotta love when No is half your child's vocab! And then she started laughing with us. That silly girl!

I just can't get enough of these kids!
Saturday we had a birthday party at the Children's Museum & swimming with Mimi & Papa....
 Happy birthday Enzo!
Despite singing "Appy Ber-day to Ewwwww. YAY!" all day everyday, Vivi wasn't sure what she thought of everyone singing to Enzo.....
Quinn drew Guillermo (left) and me (right).... love it!
I think all 3 kids could play in the water room for hours!

And even with Guillermo gone, we had to support our Tigers!

Vivi had the white Bengal tiger fan gear on..... (okay, okay, it's zebra print, you gotta cut me a little slack for not wanting to dress Vivi & I up in all orange too. Lol)
Guillermo made a Puerto Rican FEAST for a Puerto Rican inspired birthday party as soon as he got back home!  He LOVES to cook, so this was super exciting for him....
Isn't this the cutest mural that my friend Gabrielle (left) painted? (bday girl Brianne is to the right)
The kids had the best time with their favors.... everyone loves the simple things in life!  Bubbles are the best!  Well, until Vivi (who drinks EVERYTHING she can get her hands on) drank a giant drink of bubble water and ran to me screaming and her tongue sticking out....

 We're finally a family again! AND an extra day off! You know what that means? Mega shopping trip to Walmart...  I had to take this picture of Quinn's flip flops. Ever since he got these he's worn one of his black pairs and one of his white pairs... that kid is so funny.
Shopping. Yay!

 The kids eagerly awaiting the sprinkler pool to get blown up!

And my favorite thing about Labor Day, other than being with the whole family..... is that I was able to make 3 recipes from my pinterest page: http://pinterest.com/mamalovesrap/
The "amish" salad (you've probably eaten it many times, but this was a first time for me making it)
Bacon- yes! Cheese-yes! So goooood.

Deviled egg pasta salad,  which was the bomb- but you HAVE to like deviled eggs to like this salad (which I do)....

 And ham/cheese crescent roll rollups! YUMMMMM & easy!
On Sunday morning, on my way to church, I though about how amazing life was and am so thankful!!  It's not the big things, it's all the little things.  When the kids are listening & obeying so well, and not fighting.  When the kids & I had a few great days despite my anxiety about being solo. Having family in town to help with the kids even for a few hours while at the pool. Having great slumber parties with the boys watching movies, just loving on them individually.  Having my favorite iced latte (even if it was McDonalds and not G's- who makes the BEST iced latte).  Hearing some of my favorite rappers on the radio.  Getting to church early. To have great family & friends & reasons to continually celebrate with those we love (and 2 free trips to the Childrens Museums for bday parties in one month - YESSS!). My hubby having a great guys weekend, and "our" team winning. And one extra day off in the weekend....Just blessings all over the place!

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