Monday, August 5, 2013

The Summer Sweetness......

I am very blessed that the kids can come with me to work here & there....
I've really gotta teach them to DO some of my work while they're there. :)

The boys felt SO special. Our good buds, the Lloyds came to hang out with them.  They got to go to the gas station and get whatever they wanted.  Let me just tell you, the boys got everything I normally would never let them get - I think the Bellywashers (Quinn's superman bottle drink) costs 1 Bajillion dollars. And they both got the baby bottle filled with sugar with the lollipop on top.  The last thing my kids need is 4 lbs of sugar. Oh well. YOLO. Right?

Friday nights are always very special, its the night the kids can stay up later, it's usually the night we allow ourselves to eat out if we've otherwise been on a tight budget. We love the food court in the mall because we the kids can blow off steam in the day - in the AC. And let's face it, going to dairy queen is the BEST THING EVER!!


Saturday morning is always special in our house. Lots of lounging around and just enjoying being in each other's company.

 Viviana was actually licking my coffee cup- aka, the forbidden fruit. She wants to drink my iced latte everyday and last weekend she snuck behind my back and drank half of it. That silly girl!

She came running up to me yelling "ba ba! ba ba!" after finding Gmo's beer bottle from the night before. Ummmmm....... not your bottle Vivi.....and she was so proud of her "treasure"!
This weekend was fun & busy. Movies, mall, garage sales, birthday party, wedding, Mimi & Papa's house, pool & church.  We are squeezing out every bit of summer we have left!
School starts in 2 weeks. Tear. Is it weird everyone else is excited for their kids to go back to school and I'm SOOO sad? I love having Judah home with the kids! And no homework. I bet I may feel different when they're in middle school. :) 

I love this picture! Judah, the best older brother to his baby sister. And Quinn, as much as socially acceptable (AKA-mama will let him leave the house in it), he's in some type of costume!

The wedding we went to was outdoors and this cloud was above the ceremony. Doesn't it look like praying hands? SO COOL!
 Ivan & Kat are so awesome to watch the kids for us while we went to the wedding.

But they made it in time to get their swerve on the dance floor.  I totally wanted to have a "dance off" with this grand-mama on the dance floor who was getting it down.... but at 6 years old, I figure Judah might remember it and be scarred for life when his his Mama & this unknown lady being carried off on a stretcher due to too much "get lower than low".....
Ahhh, the pool..... the best thing ever......
 See baby buddha in the corner? Totally forget her bathing suit. At least I remembered the swimming diaper & sunscreen!
 Papa helping Quinn practice swimming......
 Vivi got a taste of freedom when Gmo let her "swim" in the swimmies, and it was game over. Despite drinking 6 gallons of pool water, you'd better not try to hold her. Cause she's Miss Independent. (how embarrassing is it that I have to sing the Webbie song in my head to spell it right)
All proper southern belles wear hats to Sunday School? Right? :)

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