Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The loveliness of it all, even with this dang heat!

Weekends just don't get better than this.
Hanging out with your favorite people & doing your favorite things!
The kids officially think I'm a playground. Every weekend it's full on brut-mode with the kids. My favorite thing we do now is "play piano". My sisters & I did this constantly as kids and it's hilarious because it's so silly & lame, but kids think it's amazing.
One person lays down with their legs folded up and their fingers out like piano keys. The other person sits on your knees and you "play piano".  Of course the "piano" must make all the piano note sounds. After 98 times of playing piano, you're more tired of making piano note noises than anything else. :)
The boys have watched Hotel Transylvania approximately 68 times this summer. Every time they get to see a movie, they request this one.  Quinn informed us that when he grows up he wants to be a vampire & he has vampire teeth & asked me to take a picture.
That's awesome....ummm no. Lol.

Not to be outdone, Judah apparently has vampire teeth too, and needed a picture taken as well.......

While I got to go on a girl's night out this weekend the boys had a slumber party with Guillermo!! (Judah couldn't stop flirting with Gabrielle, here he's being "the man") 

Does it get any better than this??
 And of course there is dancing.  I think when the kids are grown & out of the house, this is what I'll miss most.....
 Guillermo has been working on this riding lawn mower that my parents gave us for many, many weekends. He finally got it running and I've never seen him happier. His smile about broke his face. And then it died again.  Poor G. One day he'll get it running for good and I swear he'll mow every lawn on our block! and our other lawn mower just broke too! thus the jungle in our back yard!
Guillermo found his dream truck at the flea market!

 Pickled Everything! And I even got to meet Pop! :)
 Charleston is an OVEN this time of year. Of course going to one of my favorite places - the flea market - at 11, with my parents sounded like a great idea until the end and I think we were all ready to pass out...
 The score of the day was my $5 cuckoo clock & this vintage toy.  I think I will creep all of our friends out with Viviana's new jack in the box squeaker toy.   It has a rather creepy clown, but she loves it! I guess when your brothers are vampires, you don't have much to be afraid of!

Speaking of vintage....
Since Gmo & I were going out without the kids and I finally have hair long enough for victory rolls, I was very excited to try.  (Picture of perfect victory rolls to right, although mine were going towards the back of my head instead of forward).  Apparently I wasn't as victorious with my victory rolls. Maybe next time.
We're all rushing to get ready & I'm fighting with my hair and my silly girl comes in my room naked (well with a diaper on, thank God she hasn't figured that out yet)! So I tell her to go find Judah so Judah can help her put her clothes back on and instead I find her doing this instead.....
 Ahhhhh, the serenity of a beautiful night with just us .......& a whole birthday party, but hey...
We got to celebrate Oz's 40th bday! Dave is one of my oldest friends, and no, not in like "hello my name is old" like his sticker, but that I've known the longest.  Dave was my squad mate in patrol the whole time together. He's the best cop I know. I will forever miss the Squad D days & would go back there, with my same squad, in a skinny minute. You just can't recreate certain things in life, so for now we'll just have those great memories.
But more than anything, I am just so grateful for such awesome life long friends!
And talk about feeling OLD,  Dave's daughter was the flower girl in our wedding and now she's in HIGH SCHOOL!!
 This beautiful scene was our gift for bearing to be outside in august. 
This one here!  After her hair product incident I've taken everything out of her crib storage that she could smear on herself. Now somehow the diaper rash cream made it back there. And instead of napping she decided to take a bath in the diaper rash cream.  It was in her ears, her eye lashes, her nose, her toes, ALL over her bed & stuffed animals. And in case you ever wondered, diaper rash cream is truly insoluable. It took me three shampoos to get it off her hair!
  Because I'm a nerd, I had to post this picture. Look how Vivi's mouth & chin line up perfectly with the emblem on Judah's hat!
And last but not least, just to test the limits of our internal thermometers, we had the City of Hanahan baseball night on Sunday!
And of course, since I was a single mama with Gmo playing drums at church, this is how it goes. 
 I'm still recovering from the diaper cream incident & finally have Vivi back looking normal and the kids dressed & ready to go. Every time I go to walk out the house I realize one more thing I've forgotten (since I'm the City contact for the game) so we're finally ALL ready to go and Gmo had washed the cars earlier so there are big puddles in the driveway. Of course Viviana sits in one and is now soaking wet. I decide there's no time to change so she'll dry off in the 125 degree heat on the way to the game.  At the game I realize that her white pants now have giant brown spots on them. Like covering her whole backside spots. I just know everyone is assuming she had a heinous blow out. Sigh.
The kids night at the Joe includes free food for the kids, so I take Vivi & go ALLLL the way to the other side of the stadium only to discover there are 14 million people in line for free food. Decide I'll pay for $4 hotdogs instead of wait in line for free hotdogs & die of heat stroke while holding my 28.5 lb one year old. 
Walk all the way back & wait in new line.  At this point, I'm certain I'm covered in 14 lbs of sweat & smell like a barn.
Climb back to the stands & Vivi decides she's had enough of sitting in my lap, so it's time to GO.
But that gave us enough time to get home, shower & have watch a whole star wars movie with Gmo back from church!
Now is the countdown to school starting- one week from tomorrow! Tear!

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