Monday, August 26, 2013

School Days & Last Days of Summer.....

Now that school has started I'm ITCHING to get to fall.  And by a miracle, the temps have been getting lower! I dream of days where the air is chilly, instead of putting kids in bathing suits, I'm putting kids in sweaters & boots & we get to go on nature hikes without sweating. :)
But until that day, we'll make the most out of the last days of summer!
Can you tell someone isn't too excited that he is not going to school yet? 
First day of first grade!!! My big boy!!

To ease the pain of it all I took Quinn to work with me in the morning and we did really fun stuff (like going to the bank and gas station. Lol).

The best part about Viviana is she just goes with the flow. One bro at home, two bros at home, it's all good in this hood!

 We've been enjoying lots of time with my parents as my Mom heals from her arm surgery!
And lots of waiting on the porch as we watch Daddy drive his working riding lawn mower. :)
 And working on my photography skills with light/dark..... and right when I think I have ISO/Fstops/and shutter speeds figured out I forget it all right in a crucial picture taking moment... but some, like these turn out fun!
 The teacher taught us how to photograph the moon, which is amazing. And this is with my little Canon 95S, not a big fancy DSLR (I alternate between the Canon and a Nikon 1500- which is a DSLR, but mostly carry the Canon so although it doesn't get as nice as pictures, I prefer to shoot better pictures with that one since I have it on me at all times)..... 
My favorite thing about having Puerto Rican friends/family members & Hispanic friends is the food & the PARTIES.  Now, I'm not talking pinterest parties here with 18 hand made favors that take you 3 months to make- I'm talking, fitting 60 - 100 people in one small house for a 8 hour long party with non-stop food, piñatas, more food, music, just a fun atmosphere & kids galore. Everyone feels like family! For our parties  I stress about my guest list wondering if I will have enough food. I suppose I could just adopt their mantra and have enough food for an actual army and I'll be fine. :)
Isn't this the cutest birthday girl you've ever seen??
 The party had Puerto Rican food & Mexican food. They brought Guillermo 3 giant plates of PR rice & beans, "fresh ham" (which is slow roasted pork), enchiladas, refried beans, fresh guacamole, pico & baked chicken. I think he was in Heaven!!!
I should've jumped on this trampoline to work off some of the enchiladas! 
 We love Dante!
The snarky face that won't stop!
Daddy's little princess.....
 *stupid, excited photography note- one thing I've wanted to learn other than in general better photography is to take action shots that aren't blurry - which was the bane of my existence- since EVERY single picture I take has a moving kid in it! So I've been working on that and look! The camera froze Quinn's jump! YAY,  I'm slowly putting it all together... although the picture is "noisy" with the high ISO, it still captured the action and froze it, no blur! So excited (nerd alert, I know).... you probably just wasted 5 seconds of your life by even reading that note. Lol.

The boys have already told me what kind of piñatas they want at their next birthday parties!! I'm sitting there thinking that a giant full piñata costs like $1 million dollars and I'd better start saving now!! Lol
More action shots, this time with the small camera- again, fairly successful! In bright natural sunlight outside it'd have been better, but this is still exciting!! 

 This Sunday was exciting at church, it was "graduation" Sunday where all the kids moved up to their next class.....
This little one we left at my parents house, but the boys got to go in their new rooms!

Quinn was SO excited to go in the 4 year old room!

And Judah got to start in The Loft! I feel like The Loft is where teenagers go!!! Not my baby!!!

 Can you tell which side of the pool this whitey has to sit in?? Did you chose the shaded lower left hand corner? Ding, ding, tell them what they won Johnny!
I'm bound and determined to find a giant rash guard shirt for me for next year. Freckles & wrinkles just aren't attractive anymore. ;)

Viviana is my little tad pole. She loves to think she can swim (with and without swimmies) ..... I'm so thankful despite the rain this summer we've gotten to swim as much as we have!

But, I'm hoping & praying that maybe soon it'll be too cold for pools! :)

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