Monday, July 22, 2013


Last week I was S-I-C-K.  I had the flu, strep throat, a UTI and became severely dehydrated. Definitely felt like I was hit by a bus... an IV and many meds later I'm on the other side, thank you God!
While I was holed up there was a lot of this....

And a LOT of this.....

The moment the boys decide they want to play Hulk or watch Hulk, off comes the shirts.
Quinn kept me smiling all week long, he's full of stories! And ideas, like "MOM!!! I have a gweat idea! I think we should put peanut butter all over our hands and go roll around in the dirt outside so we can be like that brown guy on The Avengers.  That's a gweat idea, wight Mama? I WEALLY WEALLY WANNA DO IT!"

Judah was my only child, by the grace of God, that caught my strep throat and he just wanted to snuggle with me and everyday he'd ask me how I'm doing. I just want to eat him up!

Don't you try to take away Vivi's green "baby doll" that has glowing green eyes & roars really loudly!

You know, you gotta teach the important things, like teaching your little girl how to roar like Hulk.
Speaking of roaring like Hulk, in my dream last night I was protecting Judah from these teenage bullies who knocked him off his bike. I turned into Optimus Prime and was roaring as loud as I could in my dream. Let me reiterate. I turned into Optimus Prime.  Ummm, I think this mama has been forced to watch WAY too much "the Hub" TV.
The boys were thrilled that Iron Man & Hulk got "close ups".....

I'm going to start calling this girl bucket head. As often as possible she puts whatever is around over her head and walks around bumping into stuff laughing....

 It's amazing how productive Guillermo can be when I'm stuck on the couch and can't make grandiose plans to go to 18 playgrounds & sprinklers on the weekend! :)

I'm so glad I caught Vivi's little shuffle. She's my dancing queen, and literally dances ALL DAY LONG. It's like an alternating arm raise the roof and rocking back and forth.  Hilarious.
It's GOOD to be back in the land of the living! No more crud!

 It was the sweetest thing on the way home from church last night there was this HUGE rainbow! And from my calculations from this picture, the other end of the rainbow should've been my house. Maybe it'll be my lucky week!  :) Hope your week is blessed too!

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