Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Red, White & Blue- in Hotlanta! Part 1

Atlanta was the best with our fam... even if it did rain everyday.  There is SO MUCH to do indoors in ATL, thank God. Of course our first stop is my favorite thing to do while I'm there- Ikea!!

Swedish meatballs & lingonberry sauce. Nom nom nom.

Hopscotch in front of the bathroom, who could resist?!

These four got checked into the kids area for the allotted 45 minutes, Ikea is so brilliant for doing that. Honestly, what is there Not to love about Ikea??
We joked that next time we'll go, put the kids in the play area and just sleep in one of their bedrooms for 45 minutes.

 The kids have non-stop fun with their cousins! I love those boys.

Dean was my snuggle bunny everyday, I miss those little guys!
Look who's getting 6 new teeth! But was AWESOME anyways?? :)
Uncle Sam would be proud of all of this American pride.

Ok, feel the need to explain that Devon isn't dressed like Lawrence of Arabia, he was just playing around with his mama's scarf. :)

On July 4th we ate Persian. Makes sense, right? Ummm, no. It was so unbelievable tho. I want MO'!
A little afternoon tea anyone?? 

Viviana led us in a moving rendition of God Bless America.  Just kidding. (unless it goes something like this "garble, blibble, blabble, mama, MAMA, taco")

Ok- nothing says 'Merica more than stripper heels. So Julie brought out her favorite ones for Vivi to wear.  Ok, I'm totally kidding, Julie had one pair from her Anna Nicole Smith costume from several years ago..... Firoze was Bobby Trendy, how awesome is that?

   Got them Benjamins.......
Now this is a little more of this girl's speed.... her sweet little anchor bonnet from Auntie Julie. A little less Anna Nicole Smith and a little more Laura Ingalls Wilder......

So the cousins & aunts & uncles were great to see, but Boxer and Turtle McTurtle were the real guests of honor this weekend according to my kids......
If anyone knows how to do a holiday right it's my sister- aka- the hostess with the mostess.....
since it was raining we ended up throwing an impromptu dinner party with their best friends...

Between Guillermo & Julie (and Firoze's mixology skills, and my mad cheese cutting skills- excuse that ironic pun) we had the best spread ever!  And Pioneer Woman's baked bean recipe, best ever. Just FYI.

We had the best seat in the house to watch NYC's fireworks display- and no sitting in traffic on the way home! Sometimes rain can make things better.....

 Stay tuned for Part 2!

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