Monday, July 15, 2013

One wet summer.

The ironic thing about our summer is that it's pretty much rained EVERY stinkin' day of it. And when it hasn't rained, we find the closest sprinkler/ pool/ mud puddle to jump in. Makes sense, right? :)

Random weekend photo & confession.  We totally ATE DINNER at a gas station this weekend. Gmo is obsessed with the new gas station Spinx by his work and said we HAD to have their fried chicken. At least their banner was beautiful against the brilliant blue skies! And the chicken was pretty slammin' but I still think that's sort of like hitting an all new dining low. LOL.
Sprinkler park #1

All three kids - looking at the camera and smiling! Is it for real? Maybe it's because they're half zombie after running around in the water & heat?
Dunna Dunna Dunna Dunna Bat-Girl.

 Sprinkler #2

 The 2 fearless ones and my little apprehensive one.... 
 Yea, ummmm, not sure about this one....

It's all good Mama- just keep me on the edge.....

Or, I'll just stay here safe in my Daddy's arms......

We also got to see our favorite softball team play the state tournament this weekend.... 

It was all good until the walk back and I realized what was missing off Vivi's foot.  As a single mama Saturday morning while G was working,  ain't no one got time to walk ALL the way back thru the massive park to find that flip flop toting 2 tired toddlers, 1 28 lb "baby", a 10 lb backpack and a 4 lb purse. Oh well. :(
Look! It's Spiderman & Emperor Palpatine! (ok, so it's a Ben10 towel, but doesn't Quinn look like the Emperor?)

Viviana and her BFF, her Papa.

 And instead of napping during naptime, someone decided to play beauty shop in her crib and pour half of the bottle of product on her hair and "brush" it the whole time....
So that someone got shower/bath number #3 of the day before church!
Apparently wet hair is the new "do" around the Soler household! 

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