Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Keeping ourselves occupied.

With all the rain you have to find lots & lots of indoor things to do!  When mama's legs are just too tired for more superman it's time to get creative......
Who knew that laundry baskets are so much fun? WE knew! They are the best, a basketball hoop, a soccer goal....a "boat"..... 
 Judah said this was their motorcycle.
And a cage......

 Or you stack pillows and bury your face in them (???)
 And then you get your one glove, your transformer's hat, your rifle & your Gideon torch and run around the house like you're in charge....

Now this one, all she wants to do all day is ride on my foot while I pump my leg up & down (like I used to make my parents do for hours when I was little). 
I told Guillermo and Quinn to smile and this is what I got from Quinn. 
Judah laughed & shouted, Quinn, what was that face?? And Quinn said, "What did I look like?" Judah hit it out the park:
Here's Judah imitating Quinn's fake smile. Lol.

Even Vivi thought that was hilarious!
Ok, I HAVE to post this picture of Guillermo's boots. They are SO HUGE.
They are men's size 15. I put my foot so you could compare them to something and keep in mind I wear a woman's size 10!!!! Lol.
I was so excited to be able to take pictures of Beth to memorialize her 4th pregnancy. 
 She looks SO AMAZING!


We are SO excited for VanHouten boy #4 and can't wait for his arrival!!

I'll leave you with the funniest video of Quinn. If you know Quinn, you know he is my drama king.  He'll cry at a drop of a hat and in two seconds be laughing hysterically. Apparently this is how I was as a kid too.  You can see the drama unfold.  (and please notice at the end that Vivi acknowledges that she ate the donut, but no, it was not good. That silly girl).


Anonymous said...

hey! its christie....love you guys and random question...did your couch come from havertys?

G-Metal, Coco, Angel Face and Bunny said...

Hi Christie! Girl, I don't buy anything new, I got that couch from craigslist. :) I'm not sure where it's from, I'm sorry! The absolute best thing about the couch is the fabric, everyone wants to snuggle on it. I think the fabric is chenille. I would highly recommend to anyone to get that fabric, it's really durable and kid proof (so far, knock on wood). Hugs!