Monday, July 1, 2013

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.....

This reward has been a LONG time coming. 
I told Judah if he got a green dot (for good behavior) every single day in school all year and when Quinn could identify all of his letters they could have a VERY SPECIAL surprise.

Quinn decided he could not learn his letters and cried everyday when we worked with him. I talked to his pediatrician about it and he said, just drop it and try again in a few months. I decided to take another approach before I did that and see if it'd work- I came home and I sat Quinn down and I told him I had a very serious discussion with Dr. Todd about him learning his letters. 
I told him that Dr Todd told me that he had a very big head (it's true, his head is huge! Lol) that had a VERY BIG BRAIN in it and that now that he's 4 years old that he CAN learn his alphabet. And it worked. Quinn started learning his letters "Dr Todd said my bwain is big and I'm very smart".  Amazing how hearing it "from the doctor" (instead of us) made it official. :)
 It took time but he finally got every single letter right!
I've been shopping for this surprise for over 8 months. Actually it all started with finding a huge Millennium Falcon at a thrift store about 3 years ago. It's sat & waited under our bed until the boys have been old enough to watch the movies.
Look at these great deals I found:
I randomly found the sheets at Target marked down to $7 ( snagged the last two twins, woot woot),  got 2 pairs of PJs at Old Navy at one of their big sales for $5, the darth vader toy is actually an Easter toy I got at 75% sale- $1 (I cut some bunny ears off his head, the kids will never know, muhaha) and the zip bag was a pencil holder I got for $0.30 at Michael's 90% school supply sale.
The kids were about to explode with excitement and thought the wait from Monday (when I told them what their surprise finally was) til movie night- Saturday was ETERNITY!

I feel like EVERY single one of my guy friends had these sheets growing up!

And of course you need movie snacks!

Da, da, da, DUHhhhhhhhhh Daaaaaaaa di di di deeeeee daaaaaaaa...... omg, can't even spell it out but I bet you're singing it in your head now!!! Best movie soundtrack ever.  John Williams is a genius.
And Quinn thinks he has free reign to poke and hit everyone in the family with his light saber..... gonna have to work on that one....
It's been raining almost non-stop in Charleston for about 2 weeks. Now I love a good storm, but when you have restless kids it makes their life miserable.  Despite bad weather there was a perfect break between storms and we were so blessed that we got to enjoy a morning by the pool with the Miller clan. We love the Millers and just love how God is working in their family & growing their families! We got to see all 7 Miller grandkids & 3 Miller kids, and even Mr. Miller's parents! We felt like we were part of the family. It's such a treat to us to see people we grew up with whom we love so much & hardly ever get a chance to see.
Look at this perfect back yard!

Of course Quinn was obsessed with their teeny tiny dog & wanted to take him swimming.....


Rain, rain go away! This is the view from my work window everyday......

Several nights a week we've been hitting up the mall play area to get energy out, but no need this week because we're off to Atlanta tomorrow night. Woot woot!!!!! So excited!!!
Have the best 4th EVER!!!! Happy Birthday 'Merica!

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