Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The day I turned into the Incredible Hulk

Do you ever have that awesome day, or weekend where you think, this weekend is pretty much AWE-UH-SOME and relaxing and the kids were really good and then BAM, someone/some thing goes awry, well that was this weekend. That's when I turned into the Incredible Hulk.
 I'll leave my "Incredible Hulk" story for last.
There was chillin', cleanin', craftin', playin', lovin'..... and closeups.....

It's Viviana's snarky face.
This weekend we got to celebrate my Mom on her birthday!!

 The boys got to sleep at Mimi & Papa's house which was an extra special treat for everyone.
We took a dip in the pool.

This weekend was the wildlife weekend or something. We saw this adorable little fawn while leaving my parents neighborhood.
Gotta get your PDA on in Wendy's after church on Sunday with your bros.

More wild animals! Just as cute as the deer, but much more fierce!
Since I was a single mama Sunday while Gmo played I thought it'd be a great idea for all of us to take a really long walk on Daniel Island right near the water. Well a really long walk turned into a REALLY LONG walk when I took several new trails that actually led us to the other side of DI.
Of course I need all the exercise I can get, but the little legs & little feet were aching and my drama boy was telling me that his brain hurt from walking so much and his brain hitting his head when he ran.  And Judah was saying his stomach hurt (cramps no doubt because he was running everywhere) and I kept promising them that once we got back they could go to the sprinklers if they stopped complaining and had a happy heart. 

This was pre-walk, finding crabs along the beach during low tide. (And thanks again for the awesome real Spanish soccer team jerseys from Spain,  Ivan & Kat!)

 Looks like it'll be crab legs for dinner tonight! JK.

 More wildlife, the craziest looking squirrel was running straight for us on one of the long docks (it was being chased by two dogs on leashes coming from the other direction). I thought it was a baby raccoon at first - thinking ok, which one of us is getting rabies today???
YAY! We made it back to the sprinklers..... and here's where it all goes downhill.  See that thing Vivi is crawling on, well she goes face first into the cement, getting a bloody nose.

But I think it rattled me more than her. And chlorinated sprinkler water does wonders for bloody clothes! Anyways, we're playing just a few more minutes....

Notice what Judah does not have on his face here?

 Or what is missing from Judah's face here?
Did you guess? Cause I didn't even notice! His glasses.
Well, I'm very preoccupied getting three soaking wet children changed and into the car and putting the stroller and our other junk in the car. I'm giving myself high fives for being the mom to walk my kids over 5 miles (we walked for an hour & a half), let them play in the sprinkler sans bathing suits or changes of normal clothes & walking in sea grass full of crabs (sea creatures, ewwwwww) and literally sitting in the fountain to play with the kids. And we're driving home & I'm telling the kids how special they are and how much fun I have doing special things with them. 
And then Judah says "Mom, where are my glasses?"
and I lost it. I officially turned into the Incredible Hulk. I'm quite positive my face was green. RAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. There are those days where you just can't do everything/be everywhere all at once and it just hits you like a ton of bricks. Now was that moment. I was mad at him, mad at myself for not noticing....
 I told Judah that it was HIS responsibility to know where his glasses were at all times and why was he just asking then (we're a few minutes away from home and twenty minutes away from the park, not to mention, famished, thirsty & ready to get out of soaking wet clothes).  I told him that if his glasses were lost it takes a long time to replace glasses and he wouldn't be able to see anything until then.
Well, then it was his turn to melt down. He sobbed, "if I can't wear my glasses I can't do my work and I can't go into the first grade".....  it killed me, but I didn't console him.... he needed to feel the weight of this burden.
I told him, you'd better start praying that God finds your glasses.  At that point, I had no idea where he could've left them (and neither did he). At the park? On the side of the road when taking his shirt off? In the parking lot? Did he put them on the ledge of the car and they fell off while driving? So Quinn says a prayer that God finds Judah's glasses, because Judah was too upset.
God answered our prayer, and they were right on the bench in the park. And I could finally breathe a sigh of relief. And become a little less green.
And we all ate watermelon & everything was right with the world.

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Julie said...

Seriously mad props to you for taking your kids on a 5 mile walk and THEN playing in the fountain and dealing with wet, tired, cranky kids!

Anyways, lots of good stuff to comment on in this post...

Via looks adorbs in her knee socks! If I had a baby girl, she would have to wear knee socks and mary janes every day. It's the cutest thing. With her curls, she is going to be a little Shirley Temple. So, I expect you to find some guy in your hood to tap dance with her!

Secondly, I don't know what's cuter...knee socks, or baby bikinis with puffy panties! She's a cutie, that's for sure!!

Firoze is going to be so jealous of the boys soccer jerseys. I'm sure he can fit in them. He might just make one "disappear" in the laundry when you guys come here. He *might* just be an expert in that field!

Poor Judah and the glasses fiasco! He's lucky that you didn't start pinching legs like Mom used to do. When he's older, you can make him drive you all the way back to the park when you forget your glasses and you're in the old folks home. Tell him what goes around comes around!

Love you,