Friday, June 7, 2013

The Boo-Boo Chronicles

I do live by the mantra - play hard, get hurt hard- as a mama, but man, is that harder to accept with your sweet little girl.  With the boys you wanna make them tough and help them "get over it"... but with a little girl you just want to baby them all day long!
Viviana hit her eye on the toy box last night and this is what she woke up with today.
She has  little Rocky Balboa action going on with her eye & can't open it. Poor dear.

Not to be out-done with boo boos, Quinn must show me his "major" boo boo, the "sticks out and is bleeding and I have to have a bandage" every night boo-boo. (do you notice the tiny little red dot on top of his foot? lol). Last night after the bath it started bleeding again and he cried like his foot was coming off! I swear, that boy is going to be an actor someday with his ability to dramatize any situation! :)

Viviana's favorite thing is to hug the vacuum cleaner and put her head on it while I'm vacuuming. Now I can tell you how fun that is while I'm trying to quickly vacuum the house and she's holding onto the vacuum like Donkey Kong! Ain't nobody got time for dat!

I think all of toddler's abilities in life can be measured in their agility & ability to play on the Chick Fil A play area. I remember being so excited when as a toddler Quinn could finally climb the steps into the jungle gym, but then he'd get stuck up in the top and cry & scream cause he was scared to go any further, so Guillermo or I would have to squeeze up there like a freak and get him down. And when I say squeeze, I mean SQUEEZE. Then he finally was comfortable to play up there and then Judah only wanted to walk UP the slide rather than go up the stairs & climb down. Good thing I have no worries with them now. Thankfully Viviana outgrew the stage of just wanting to eat everything off the gross floor and now she's in the stage where she wants to be in the slide, just a little bit, but basically fling herself out the moment she thinks a kid is coming down.  She can climb up the stairs but is very hesitant to go further, so she basically catapults herself back down, while I'm about to panic, seeing her tumble down all those steps. Sigh.

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Julie said...

Oh the fun that can be had at the fast food playground! Via looks SO much older on the pic of her coming out of the slide. She looks like a 3 year old!

Btw...I forgot to tell you... I like your cool new superhero header! Except I'm totally disappointed in you that Vivi's not dressed up like superwoman! Come on... get that girl a bathing suit and some wide cuff bracelets!

Love you,