Monday, June 3, 2013

Look at me, I done grad-u-macated!!

When did they start "graduation" for anything other than obtaining a high school (or higher) degree? Regardless, Judah graduated from kindergarten today. Another odd thing about Charleston County schools is that graduation is today yet he has 4 more days of school. Lol.
He was so stinking cute & proud of himself!!

He was so excited for his first day of school & so excited to "graduate". :) What a FAST YEAR!
I told him now that he has his diploma he'd better get a JOB! That lazy lima bean, Mon! Just kidding.

Quinn is so ancy to start school his head might explode!!

Judah's special award was for how advanced his reading is! I'm so proud of my little guy! Although, I really did think he deserved an award in theoretical physics. ;)
Guillermo gets the award for the best find at Goodwill the other day! We got this grill for $18! What what!
We got to celebrate sweet Jackson's 7th birthday at his pool party! What an awesome group of boys!  

This weekend was so great & chill & productive. I LOVE those kinds of weekends!

Garage sailing with Mimi, playing on the floor together and Viviana "vacuuming" with me with her ball popper......

the boys reading books & Judah reading his "big boy book" from Auntie E & Uncle James

Walking to the store to get milk and cursing the fact that we needed to buy milk & carry it home because we didn't think to bring the stroller (where you can put the milk in the bottom)...... bur burr.....

The perfect end to the perfect weekend, snuggles from our favorites!

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Julie said...

I'm SO proud of Judah and all that he's accomplished in his first year of school. We made it!!! Yay, no more waking up at the bum-crack of dawn!!

He looks so proud of himself and is so cute holding his "diploma." It's funny, Devon wore that exact same uniform combo his last week of school (white polo and khaki shorts).