Monday, June 24, 2013

Let's go fly a kite!

I promised the kids all day Saturday we could go fly their new kites after we ate supper (Guillermo was smoking a pig all day so we couldn't leave the house til after that) and I thought despite the late hour, the closest -windiest place I could think of was the Mt Pleasant park.... and of course no wind. Bur burr.
But we still had fun. Something magical about simple pleasures in life in the summertime....don'tcha think?


 Judah ran as fast as lightning and got it going pretty good......
Quinn on the other hand drug his thru the grass for about a quarter mile and then......

MY KITE BROKE! More like, pulverized.......

This one was the clean up crew. The whole time she spent picking up trash & handing it to me. Now I love that the girl loves to clean, but gross, just gross. Not enough hand sanitizer to keep up with that one....
And of course every good summer outing needs ice cream with sprinkles, right? :)
The kids crack us up all day long. While we were at the ice cream shop Quinn opened the freezer door where they store the cakes and yelled,
"EWWWW, it smells like an old man in here!"
And on Friday this was our conversation:
Quinn: there's a vampire in Judah's class and his mom packs him red ants for lunch.
Me: Who?
Judah: Jamir.
Me: Jamir's lying, there's no such thing as real vampires, only pretend vampires, like the ones in movies. That's like me telling you that I'm an astronaut and we're on the moon right now. Just cause I say that doesn't mean it's true. Do you understand?
Judah: yes.
Quinn: No, he's really a vampire, he eats grass. Vampires eat grass!
Me: Cows eat grass. Are they vampires?
Quinn: Ummm, I don't know?
Moral of the story- watch our for those vampire cows!!

PS> the meat was worth the wait. YUMMMMMY Guillermo is probably as proud of the pig as he is his own children seeing this picture up on the blog. LOL.
Happy customers at Guillermo's "Pit" restaurant.
Our church always thinks of fun things for families to do, which I think is awesome. 
There was cookie making......

And airplane model building..... Judah lucked out and got Guillermo as his artist to help draw on his plane.....

I shouldn't probably admit that I  actually drew that "shark" but I wanted to post Quinn's hilarious additions to the plane. The green thing is the heart and the purple lines are "green beans that the shark ate".... that shark must be Bruce, the vegetarian shark from Finding Nemo.

They even had a dance party! Which you know is sort of a slice of Heaven for this dancing crew!
This is Viviana's favorite dance partner. Both boys only slightly got into their hokie pokie dancing Elmo. Now Vivi, this is her best friend! She goes from dancing to kissing him to rocking him nighty night.....all while he's jerking and singing in her arms.

This is her new thing, every day when I get her from nap or in the morning she's taken her shirt off. I'm just praying this isn't a precursor to her taking everything including diaper off!

All I can say is my husband now has a pony tail. :)

Happy summer ya'll!!

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