Friday, June 21, 2013

California love...

Guillermo's sister Carla and her boyfriend Max came to Charleston all the way from California and we got to see them for only one day, but it was a great day!

It was a very special FOODIE day.  We love having people over to eat, but this time it was very special.  Guillermo loves to cook, I love to host. This is the first time we've ever had people over and they  brought enough food to feed an army!
-like I said, a very special day, especially for someone likes to eat, LOL-
Guillermo cooked his Puerto Rican meal for lunch & Max cooked some Mexican dinner. Delicious food & camaraderie in the kitchen all day. And major bro-mance over chicken & pork smoking/grilling.
 Mofongo!!! Nom Nom Nom.
Sorry for the terrible quality of pictures. I wanted to post all of these pictures for my in-laws in Italy despite the shadows/blurriness/etc. Blah.
Thanks again for the awesomeness Carla & Max! We'll miss you!
Waaaaaa, I want more fresh guacamole!!

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Julie said...

I want to be at that Meat Fest!!! That looks so good and I know G is the king of MEAT! I'm glad you guys got to spend the day with Carla and her boyfriend. It's always so great when you can be with your family and the kids can get some extra attention and lovin'!

Love you,