Monday, June 17, 2013

Becoming someone's hero.....

I am very blessed to have several people in my life I consider a real life hero.  Part of it was working with incredible police officers and other emergency personnel for so long and part of it is just knowing incredible people who make incredible choices and live their lives in a certain way that you consider them a hero.
My Dad is one of my heroes.
I try as hard as I can to encourage the boys to emulate good leadership & courageous traits because I believe you become what you practice being as much as certain traits you are just born with.  

My two budding heroes.....
Heroes always work hard! The boys help every weekend with our house cleaning and every day they put away all the dishes in the dish washer & clean up all their toys before their nap and before they go to bed.
I know one day the kids will be able to communicate that Guillermo is their hero too. Guillermo is an incredibly hard worker and shows the kids SO much love.  Guillermo is constantly doing for me, for our family and for others. He has the best attitude & gets along with everyone.
My life is a mess without Guillermo, I am SO thankful for my baby daddy.

On Father's day we got to eat & play at my parents house & my Dad got to use his new grill!


Great googly moogly. Look at the size of that steak. I think it's half the cow.

Viviana's new thing is to do EVERYTHING she shouldn't do at my parents house. Climb on top of the furniture, take a shower from the drink dispenser in the fridge...... such a "fun" toddler age. sigh.
To make sure the kids ran off all of their energy after my parents house we took them to the park in our neighborhood. Whoever thought an empty football field could provide such great entertainment!
*cue Chariots of Fire theme song* Lol......

I am so thankful for adventurous friends! My friend Beth agreed to meet up at the beach Saturday night.  I'm not sure why, but I looooove going to the beach in the evening waaay more than during the day. It's so peaceful & gorgeous.
....and so American. There's just something special about being on Sullivan's Island, something so "lowcountry".

Had to post this picture, it looks like Quinn is walking on air!

 Vivi is chasing her boyfriend.

Its the Coppertone baby!


Those are some cute & tired boys there!


We are so thankful for all the Dads in our lives! Including Jose & Ramon! We love you guys!

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Julie said...

I love all your pics! Dad got the bomb-diggity grill - that's for sure. :) I like the pic of him and Via next to his big grill. And I always like your pics of the kids in the sprinklers.

But, I'm sad we can't live near each other because I would want to go the beach every day at 6pm. I like the beach when I can't get a sunburn and when all the gullies are filles with hot bath water for little kids to play in. That looks like such an awesome day that you guys had! I love that you and Beth have an entire Von Trapp family of children with you. Now, you just need to dress them in liederhosen and call them "Frederick" and "Liesel" and sing as you walk..."The Hills are Alive!"

Anyways, one last thing...I'm gonna need that twice baked potato to GET IN MY MOUTH!

Love you,