Tuesday, May 21, 2013

There Ain't NO Way!!

 Seriously? It's been 6 years since my sweet baby boy Judah Bear came into my life? There is just no way! Time Flies is an understatement.
Judah is my joy. There are so many amazing things about him, I admire him so much. He is awesome and he's just going to become more awesom-er. :)
This year we had a camping party for Judah! I thought it would be so much fun for Guillermo & the boys to camp afterwards and to take advantage of all James Island County Park had to offer but also have the comforts of home (hence, the camp site) for the party.

Fishing snacks!
And the sugar rush begins!

Beth, the cutest pregnant girl in the world!
Part of the draw to JICP was their amazing sprinklers & playground in a close proximity to the camp site..... 
That's one happy birthday boy!!
 Norah & Sam are the cutest brother & sister ever! They are each other's shadows!
Our fun buddies!

 Much to Levi's dismay, I'm sure, Viviana wants to constantly shower him with hugs & kisses.....

 She just can't help herself!
 Have you ever seen a cuter crew?

 Judah reading his special handmade cards from his best buds.

The party turned out amazing for several reasons, perfect weather, great kids, great adults, but best of all- no need to worry about a mess, no time frames, and in a camping environment, a "it takes a village" mentality takes over. Everyone helps out & everyone watches over everyone else's kids!  
And the overabundance of sugar wasn't bad either. I think Judah alone ate 10 marshmallows, drank 3 sodas, ate a cupcake and ate twenty gummy worms! YOLO.

 Awwww, my BIG BOY!!!! and we caught that sneaky little Quinn blowing out his brother's candle! :)


Of course on his actual birthday- May 20th, we had to make him feel super special too!
He originally wanted a thundercats birthday- so I special ordered him thundercats cupcake toppers- and couldn't find them for the party- so guess who has 12 new thunder cats rings! Bur Burr.
There's some Mr. T jewelry action there. 

 Six years ago was hands down the most incredible experience of my life- to become a mother for the first time. I am so, so grateful for every single second I've had with Judah over the past 6 years!
I love you my sweets!


Mrs Woo said...

Matilda is a hugger and kisser just like Vivianna! At playgroup when I cant see her right away chances are that she is cuddling some other kid. She was chasing a littlr girl on Wednesday trying to hug her! I love that they are lovies x

Julie said...

Happy Birthday Judah!! We love you and can't believe you're already 6 now!

What a perfect party! You are the hostess with the mostess. It was so cute and colorful and my favorite part was the awesome party favors and especially the colorful bandanas that everyone got to wear. I'm sure that will be a party that Judah will always remember! The kids looked like they had a blast at your party and what could be better than sprinklers, bugs, and smores??!! Nothing!!!! If I came to your party I would have been zipped in the tent with 10 citronella candles burning around me!

Beth is the cutest pregnant girl... she looks better than me, if I ate Thankgiving dinner - I would be the bigger one. Go ahead Beth... keep on having those babies, you look like you can handle a football team! Some people just make it look easy! :)

Love you,