Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Mushy Stuff.......

I've read a lot of blogs lately about the mixed feelings surrounding mother's day because it brings up a lot hard topics, such as the people who desperately want kids and cannot for different reasons, or people who have lost their mothers on mother's day.  But here is my take on any day in life.
 Life is complicated, messy, hard, yet filled with an infinite amount of beautiful moments, no matter your lot in life.  
You could have those children you always dreamed of, but miss the majority of each of their days because you are at work, or you decide to work at night to spend more time with the kids and  although you're with these kids during the day you feel so exhausted and stressed out as a mom because you're tired, or things seem to be going great and a major tragedy occurs,  like your spouse gets terminally ill or disabled so your ideal motherhood is now changed, or you have kids but your marriage is falling apart, or you've been trying for years to have kids, or to find a spouse, or find financial success and every where you look you see babies & marriages & people moving ahead and it's hard.
Despite your circumstances, there is always reasons for JOY.  Reasons to be thankful.  Reasons to find those incredible moments during the day and savor those moments, no matter what you have or do not have. Reflect on your life remembering these moments.   
Surrounding each GREAT moment is usually hard moments- no matter how mundane.
Great moment, how my dear hubby always makes me feel so special on mother's day. Each year my request is the same. I just don't want to do anything! No diapers, no cleaning, no laundry, no dishes, no disciplining children. I just want to sit back and enjoy everything.
He made me a delicious breakfast & my favorite vice- my iced coffee.

 Not so great moment- just minutes into enjoying my breakfast, someone knocked over my giant iced coffee all over the couch- Guillermo yelled- kids cried.
(It's INSANE how much my Mom & I look alike btw) 
My take on life is all because of my parents. I'm sure I've told most of you this story before, maybe even shared it here, but it's worth telling again.
Let me start by saying both of my parents are insanely hard workers. The two of them can move mountains.  A little less than 30 Years ago my Dad had 2 successful Chiropractic practices and had most everything a young successful couple could ever want, nice cars, nice jewelry, had recently bought their dream Victorian home to fully renovate (gutting 3 apartments).  My Mom was a stay at home mom to us 3 girls (we were all born within 4 years- so with that alone she had her hands full) and here they were, by themselves for 7 years, gutting & renovating this house. The house is below, you can imagine the task of removing 4000 square feet of 100 years of wall paper, plaster, bricks, etc. And to live in that renovation for 7 years with 3 young kids. 
My Dad was in a terrible 3 wheeling accident that made him permanently disabled and at 37 years old he lost his career, he lost his ability to do most of the physical hobbies he loved, and most devastating in my opinion he lost his ability to accomplish anything he wanted to in life if he was just determined & worked hard enough in life. To be limited by your health is horrible.
My Dad was in the hospital for years with over 13 surgeries, and could barely tolerate his pain every day.
I Never, Ever remember my parents having a "woe is me" attitude about their new life. Or complaining to anyone about how everything in their life changed.  How all of their hopes and dreams and hard work that they had strived for so long had shifted to just managing to make life seem normal to some degree. For my Dad to be able to get through a day.
When I look back on my childhood, I literally feel like I had the perfect childhood, in every way. I barely remember hospitals, or renovations, or pain, or financial gain to financial stress.  I don't remember having a doting stay at home mom, to having a mom who was now taking care of my Dad who was post op, and thinking how I miss the old days. 
It was all because of my parents attitude and they made the most out of every single day.
 I want to make the most out of every single day.  I want to be just like my parents and work hard & achieve goals but to accept when life hands me a major curveball and trust that God supplies, takes away and will take care of us no matter what happens. To have faith.
And more than anything I just hope & pray that some day because of Guillermo & my actions my kids have learned to live this same way. That's a tall order. If I could be a parent like my parents, even a fraction, I know I'll have been successful.

Just love, all around. We are each other's greatest gifts.
Here Vivi is giving Mimi her flower. I think she's torn whether giving up the flower was such a great idea.

I AM getting spaghetti all over my dress. Fah-get 'bout it!
The moments I never, ever want to forget:
How Quinn would wear a costume, all day, every day if you'd let him.
How Quinn is my DRAMA king and has the best fake cry ever, but says the sweetest things in the whole world with so much conviction it just melts your heart to pieces.
How Quinn eyes twinkle when he tells these tall tales that I think he believes are true.
And how Quinn is very self-less & always thoughtful of others.
How Viviana is trying to decide if she's a baby or a big girl.
How she gives the most precious little kisses with puckered lips and rubs your back as she hugs you. All day long.
How she says "tate tu" (thank you) after you give her anything, almost every time without prompting.

At the end of every day, this is what I see.
 Ever since Judah learned how to write - most of what he writes on his own are love notes to Guillermo & I and each time he's as excited as the last to give it to us. 

How Judah's become very sensitive to other's feelings and can anticipate what Guillermo and I will say or do and is very proud when he is thinking what we just said (that we think alike).
How Judah has been the star pupil of his class, obsessing over his behavior in class since we made that such a priority (and he's been in the "green" every single day) & how he loves all of the kids in his class, even the little turds.
These are the things & moments I want to remember for the rest of my life.
Guillermo is so blessed to have wonderful mamas & grandmas in his life too! And I'm so thankful to be a part of his family too. Guillermo has such great memories from growing up- I think 90% of them have something to do with his mom's (and dad's too) cooking & pork & beans & rice- because I think that's what Guillermo thinks about most of the time- food! :) We love you Abuela & Bisabuela!!
And on a non-mushy note, we got to celebrate some great things this weekend!

We totally stopped at a strangers house & asked if we could take a picture in front of his RAD car. The guy thought we were at his house for his wife's rap party. I thought I had died and gone to heaven, a "rap party"?????  But no- it was a WRAP party, like a body wrap party... LOL....

 Happy graduation Kat! We're SOOO proud of you!
Watching everyone dote on your kids. Always warms your heart.
Ohhhhh, and seeing the buffet table makes me think about Kat's mac n' cheese... YUMMY.. I want some right now!

Kids being entertained by running over a bump in the concrete (and not falling too hard, thank God).

And celebrating little friends birthday parties when the weather was warm enough to jump in pools!
I can't even believe that Quinn's t-ball season is already over!  
 You did great, Subway A's! 
 Quinn rocked it & took it very seriously. I knew he'd be the kid picking his nose and trying to do a cart wheel during the game but nope, he was very, very intense!

When I'm sitting on a windy field, with the sun beating down, a majestic plane fly overhead, the skies couldn't be more of a brilliant blue and my whole family is together I know this moment is perfect. And I relish it.

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Julie said...

Hey Coco,
This is the sweetest, most beautifully written post and such a perfect Mother's Day and Father's Day gift to Mom and Dad. I had tears when I was reading it because it's definitely true! I am thankful to have parents like Mom and Dad that were such good examples to us.

You looks so awesome in your pictures! Your outfit on Mother's Day was so adorable with your printed vintagey blouse and your strawberry earrings. I love the picture where the boys are kissing you and you're wearing the anchor pendant. This is such a perfect picture and I hope you frame it!

My favorite picture is the one of Viviana holding the rose and Mom and Dad are looking at her. This is the sweetest picture! You have to print this one out for Dad to keep! I love it!

Quinn looks so official in his uniform and I can totally picture him as a teenager looking like a real baseball player. And props to you for sitting through softball games... I couldn't do it! I hate baseball! :)

Lastly, love Judah's cute suspenders. You need to do a photo shoot of just him wearing these suspenders! He is such a cutie and his card is so sweet. I love that he has such a loving heart!

Love you,