Thursday, May 30, 2013

Summer is HERE!

Ok, I get it, "Summer" isn't officially here cause it's not June 21st yet, but if you're in Charleston, you know it's here. With it's lovely heat & humidity (the bane of my existence, ok, that's a bit dramatic, but you get my point). The best part of summer is it's just a time to play, have fun, spend time with your family. This memorial day weekend was no exception. Rebecca & Will came in town and we spent everyday at my parents house....

With his birthday money Judah bought a bike from the flea market.  The first bike we came to was this amazing vintage Schwinn! I LOVE it and I'm so glad Judah saw this bike first and had  to have it before he saw the one covered in the Spiderman graphics. :)

We brought Quinn's bike over Sunday so he wouldn't feel left out.....

Where's my bike? Waaaaah.
 I always knew the boys were secret teenage mutant ninja turtles with their affinity for pizza and desire to live in the sewer system!

Lots of photos ops!  
Giovanni is Rebecca & Will's dog. Quinn says Giovanni is his best friend & wouldn't put him down all weekend (and thank God, Giovanni loved it- look at that happy doggy face!) 
I love it when Uncles & Grandpas become jungle gyms..... 
 And Mimi's become an extra eye to watch over an energizer bunny baby...

Viviana & her Papa have such a special bond. She loves to hug & snuggle him like no other.

The boys feel SO special when their Aunties & Uncles show them special attention.

Brothers & bumps & bruises. I swear each of my kids looks like they fell into a meat grinder with all of their scrapes & scratches & cuts! Even Viviana..... I guess those are summertime battle wounds...
You can take off the super hero costumes, but you can't take off the super. I don't know where they get their funny stance from. They look like Batman & Robin!

Someone's ready for church!

The best is when Guillermo plays drums, like this past Sunday and you're guaranteed that someone will shout DADDY at the top of their lungs at some point during the praise & worship. Most often when it's very quiet and your child is very LOUD. Not naming names or nothin'.
 Pretty Mimi!
Guillermo & I got to go on Judah's field trip to Kiawah & Judah was so brave with all of the animals.
 He was the only kid in his class to hug the boa constrictor....
But that teeny tiny young lady was the bravest of all!  I had to restrain Guillermo from trying to throw that gator on the grill.....

It's so cute to see Judah & his little buddies at class.

It feels like school just started, and it'll be over next week!

* Random picture insert* In case you didn't know, my children are wild animals!
One of my FAVORITE things in the whole world is Agua Fresca. Around here you can only get it from taco trucks or certain Mexican restaurants.  Agua Fresca is fresh squeezed juice, but not your typical apple/orange juice.  These are my two favorites- Cantelope & Watermelon.  It's like you shoved your entire face in a water melon and just sucked out all of the juice. It's just a little bit of Summer Heaven.

I had to save the best for last. Saw this poster on the way out of the restaurant.  Ok, first of all, love it that the tuba player is like the star of the band.  Love the accordion players "I'm going to kill you" expression.  And love that they're so "bad" that they get a machine gun on the poster too!!   

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Julie said...

First off... you and G NEED to join that awesome band!! They need a gangsta trumpet player and a bearded drummer to complete their poster!!

You're right, Mom does look pretty in that picture. I also love the one of Viviana in her church dress... so cute.

Looks like you had a great Memorial Day weekend and got to have fun with Rebecca and Will. Giovanni has gotten big and I'm sure that's better for him to withstand all the "hugging" he gets from Quinn!

Judah was so brave with the snake and alligator... way to go! I can't believe his class got to go on a real field trip. That's awesome!