Monday, May 6, 2013

Makin' Time & Making Each Time Special......

Back in the po-po days I remember running from call to call to call, for 10 + hours straight on busy days.  The moment you put on your uniform until the moment you stepped in your house you'd have to be 100%. Your first call was as important as your last call, for "customer service" purposes and in worst case scenario to keep yourself alive.  I thrived on that pace (and miss police work almost everyday).
Lately I've been thinking how that pace is the same as life as a working mama too.  You need to make every single moment in your day count and as important as the other from the moment you wake up until the moment you go to bed. You don't want to "short" God, your spouse, your kids, your family & friends, your coworkers, your household chores, your work responsibility.
I'm so thankful to my parents we were always doing, always working, always having intentional relationship building and motivated to make the most out of each day, but most importantly despite circumstances keeping our priorities straight. 
That means some nights you run from work to t-ball & straight to running errands, but make it into an adventure and the kids think they went somewhere special tonight rather than being dragged to your errand!
Every budget season & audit season I work a lot. And when I know I'll have to work weekends, I am bound and determined I'll make the kids feel even extra special.  So Saturday, between working the weekend I took the boys on a special date & Guillermo took out his sweet little date too.
I figured nothing would make Guillermo feel more excited for his date than if his date were sporting her "gear" too.


Now here are my handsome little dates, with LOTS of energy to burn.

With how big & helpful these boys are sometimes I forget they are still so tiny.....
 Can you tell they're just a little excited for our date?
We went to a "fancy" restaurant. You know, the kind you can't yell -MOM, I HAVE TO POOP- at the top of your lungs in. And one you can't play in an inside playground once you're done eating. ;)
I started doing "my favorite" game with the kids, where I ask them all sorts of my favorite questions or "what if" questions and I keep the answers for a keepsake.
If Quinn had super powers it'd be to bounce like Hulk.  If Judah had a super power, it'd be to have laser eyes.  Quinn said this is how he'd avoid Judah's laser eyes.
Judah's favorite thing about Quinn is when they play together.  Quinn's is when they like each other, and hug. That's my favorite too.

Of course a good date always includes a movie, right?
The Croods was a GREAT movie in case you haven't seen it!
To end off our great date we visited our favorite thrift store, Community Thrift and had a few amazing finds: $0.45 Saucony tennis shoes for Judah,  $0.65 Crew Cuts button up shirt for Quinn, to name a few... oh yea, the boys got a butt-load of monster truck magazines for $0.45/each. Monster trucks. sigh.

I love these boys. I never want to forget these moments. Thank God for my blog.  I love updating my blog, because for me this is how I re-live these perfect days & perfect moments for days, months & years to come!  Every night I look at the kids pictures on the blog and it makes me so, so happy. It makes juggling all of these balls and working so hard worth every single bit of effort.

 I have to expect, after each daddy/daughter date, Viviana has a temporary lapse of mama's girl and swings the other way.......
That's ok, she can be a daddy's girl too.....

OH yea! I forgot to mention, I found Judah black brand new Sperry penny loafers at the thrift store too! He is so excited to have "Michael Jackson" shoes.  In fact the other day he said to Quinn "there are 4 Jacksons, Michael Jackson, our friend Jackson, Jackson in t-ball and Jackson at Clemson".... Lol.

Eeee-heee.  This boy has some moves!

 Vivi has her dancing game face on too.... she makes a great effort to baby break dance... check out the video here:


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Julie said...

I'm so glad you got to have an awesome date day with your little men!

I love the picture of Judah in front of the metal gate - that's a great one!

I can't believe all Via's curls! She's going to be a little Shirley Temple and I can't wait to see her with her first pigtails. I think it's coming soon.

Your dance video is hilarious. I like Judah's slow motion and carefully controlled dance moves! Ha! And Vivi's awesome breakdancing!! Most of all, I like Judah's outfit - so Michael Jackson... but, where's the sparkly glove???

Love you,