Monday, April 8, 2013

Spring has SPRUNG!

It's officially spring! Well, in Charleston terms that means, it goes from being 32 degrees, to the next day it's 85 degrees. And it stays so warm you're sweating for the next 3 days straight so you figure the cold is gone and the heat is here to stay. Ahhh, bipolar Charleston weather. 

 Attack of the giant azalea bush!!
Viviana had the same range of emotions as I do in my car, driving in North Charleston.
She starts out saying, this is an awesome, gorgeous day for a drive, I LOVE TODAY!
Idiot North Charleston drivers!! Seriously, are you running from the cops??

Jesus, take the wheel!!
And if you've ever driven on Ashley Phosphate Road you've probably experienced all of these emotions too.

Ok, so I'm trying to avoid posting pictures every blog post of baseball, but this weekend was the boys opening ceremony and their first games. I had to post this picture of them in their cute little uniforms.
The boys with their hero, Drew. Coolest 10 year old you'll ever meet.
I feel like doing a tour de playgrounds when the weather is so nice..... so we ventured out to Hampton Park downtown.
 It's so fun to see your baby explore the world. She just kept saying "duck, duck, duck, duck, duck" over again looking at the ducks & seagulls.
She kept trying to smell & eat the flowers too!

This is my view of Viviana most days now, light speed ahead, unless we're home & she just wants to snuggle with me (especially if I'm trying to get housework done.. you know the drill). :)

 The boys play ball, the girls go see how close we can get to the fearless duck.
I have no fear! Quack, quack, quack.
Speaking of fearless, these boys here......

 Now I realize that getting a picture of all three kids is pretty much a futile effort, but I try regardless. I say, hold onto Vivi really strong so she doesn't fall into the water! And after two seconds (top picture) Quinn has this idea that she's falling into the water and is yelling, she's going to fall!!!!! (second picture) and what's actually happening behind me is the stroller is blowing INTO the pond!! Chaos!!!! Sigh. Life with 3 kids. What can you do. The stroller survived. :)
So we opted for the picture away from the water!

And if the weekend weren't amazing enough, one of my favorite people in the world dropped by to say "hi"! My friend Paul graduated the police academy with me. This guy was my best friend & support at the academy, which at that point in my life was the most intense experience I've ever had, just mentally, physically, emotionally exhausting. I am so thankful for him & even more thankful that great cops like him are patrolling my neighborhood!

Vivi says, it's time to get our church on mama!

So I said, get your purty faces on guys, time for Church! 
Hope your Monday isn't heinous!


Beth VH said...

Yeah for spring! Love the pic of the boys in their cute BB uniforms and Vivi on her cute pink car. Her hair looks like it's starting to flip out at the bottoms. Super cute! What a beautiful family!

Julie said...

I can't even remember, did I buy Via that red gingham vintage little blouse? I hope I did, cause it's freakin adorable! I love how you put it with the polka dot jeans and her cute little red sneakers!! She's getting cuter everyday. Also, the pic of you and her with your faces together is a really good one! I love how you can see that she's starting to get some curls.

The picture of you and the boys with your attack of the mack faces will never cease to make me laugh!

I'm glad you enjoy spending time outside with your boys playing sports. I think I'm going to get the boys to become stock market day traders so we can ALWAYS stay inside and do "quiet" things. :)