Tuesday, April 16, 2013

One of my least favorite things & one of my favorite things!

If there is one thing I've learned as a mother, it's NEVER EVER say "my kid never......" or guaranteed it'll happen like two minutes after you make that remark. It could be a bragging comment, like, well my kid NEVER bites other kids, well, next thing you know you look over and your sweet child has morphed into a ravenous zombie trying to eat their friend. Well, in my case, I've secretly been so shocked, but never uttered the words, that "my kids have never had the stomach flu"! And despite never admitting this fact to anyone, the barf bug came down on our house like the plague. Now mind you, my kids have been SICK. Judah & Quinn were typical sick daycare babies, and we think Judah had allergies and was sick with the sniffles for the first 16 months of his life, but thankfully never the stomach flu. Well I knew our day would come. And it came in the Soler house hold with a vengence. Viviana, Judah & I all got it. Vivi got over it in about 48 hours and about 2 days after Vivi was over it Judah was barfing everywhere/dry heaving and it's been going on 4 days now. I've never dealt with personally a more sick child. Just heart breaking. But I think we're on the upswing....
This has been Judah since noon on Friday. And no, that container beside him is not for popcorn. He takes it everywhere he goes, like Anton Jackson in In Living Color, with his pickle jar.

Not to be outdone, Quinn needed a cold washcloth too.   
 So all of us watched so much tv this weekend our brains are fried.  Well, I should say, Quinn & my brains are fried. This girl here is in full on busy-monster-teething mode. Not that you could tell by this sweet little smile. But it was pretty much non strop scream/meltdown fest all day Sunday. And then barfing boy, and Guillermo gone playing drums all day at church, it was just an awesome day.
When I saw this picture, for the first time EVER, I thought to myself, one of my children looks like one of my sister's children! Is it just me, or does Viviana look a little bit like Dean here? I know it's probably just the one picture, but it's still fun to see.
 That handsome lil dude.
Vivi is busy accessorizing with her brother's toys. What's a girl to do?
A lot of people keep mentioning Viviana's curly hair lately so I had to post a picture for our out of town family, it's a full head of curls in the back! Who'd have thunk it? I think as kids my sisters might have had curly hair? But I don't think Gmo or I had curly hair?
Now Judah is my true helper & Quinn is usually the kid that while trying to help accidentally gets a lollipop stuck in clean laundry, or by "folding" clothes, he somehow accidentally puts dirty socks back in the drawer or something insane, but while his brother was out of commission, he's actually done a really good job. Except as I was screaming at him, GET A WASHCLOTH, as I'm smashing a lizard with the hulk "hand" toy in order to hold it still while he gets the wash cloth for me to grab it and throw it outside and he's looking at me like UHHHHH DUHHHHHH and I yell like a monster GET A WASHCLOTH!!!! (I'm seriously scared of reptiles, but the only thing more scary that grabbing a lizard by yourself to throw outside is knowing it's somewhere IN your house unknown and crawl on your face when you're sleeping - omg, I have goose bumps) But he finally moved & got me a wash cloth and God gave me super human strength to grab the lizard & throw him outside.  But lemme just tell you, had it been a frog, I would've taken the kids, barfing and all and left the house. For realz. 
 My little "mama" shushing her baby before one of her total meltdowns.
Total meltdown pouting.
Come molars, come, make this girl my little happy girl again!
Ok, so now my NEW FAVORITE THING!!!
 The new myspace! It's freakin amazing!!!! You HAVE to go revive your myspace account. You need to use google chrome (and maybe one or two other options) to use it, but's it's free & totally worth it downloading it to use www.new.myspace.com. First of all you have access to all free music! You create mixes, as you can see here I have several different mixes, unlimited access to every single band under the sun. You can create mixes for any party, mood, season, etc. And access your account from any computer! And yes, in case you're wondering I have bi-polar taste in music, from praise & worship, to heavy metal, to Pink (and other obnoxious guilty pleasure pop music), to hip hop, to Mumford & sons/folksy/indie rock. I'm sure my coworkers think i'm insane as one day they come in and I'm listening to Jesus Culture and two hours later I'm listening to Gucci Mane and 2 hours later I'm listening to Elvis and the next morning it's metal.  Anyways, it's 100 times better than Pandora. You create the playlist, it's always free & you know exactly what's going to play next, you never have to skip songs to ones you like, cause you are the one that puts it there! Yay!

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