Thursday, April 4, 2013

I can't deny.......

Dat my bebe.

Me at 1 year old (gotta love the polyester blue/green romper, thanks 1979)... 
When she smiles she looks just like me! But she looks a lot like her daddy too!

So here was the conversation between Judah & Quinn the other day:
We're walking thru our neighborhood and they see the bowling alley across the street
Quinn: I want to go bowling
Judah: We can't! That costs a lot of money. (repeating what I always tell them when we pass the bowling alley and they ask to go like every other day)
Quinn: NO!!! Dad has a LOT of money!
Judah: Dad does NOT have a lot of money!
Quinn: Yes, he does. He has $50.
Judah: No! He spent it all on tacos!
hahahahahahahahahahaha. I'm not sure where these kids get these things!


Julie said...

You are SO right, she does look just like you!

But... just in this picture! :) I still stand by my opinion that she's got G's face shape, and his eyes and mouth... but we'll see as she gets older!

Love you!

Beth VH said...

Awe! Your sweet baby girl does look so much like you! ... And I love that conversation between Judah and Quinn. Yep, Dad must have eaten all the tacos. Perfect explanation.