Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Eas-tastic, Easter-licious, Eas-tacular!

I love made up Easter words. Actually nothing says "Easter" like your 14 month old holding a toy machine gun! 
And before you say "that's not Easter", ummm, I recall a certain disciple cutting an ear off during the Easter story!
Ok, ok, does this make you feel more like Easter? I LOVE Easter! Not even being a "single mama" while Gmo drummed at the three services, getting three busy & chocolate filled kids into Easter digs could hurt the day.  There is something so amazing, overwhelming wonderful about Easter Sunday. I love being reminded in such an intentional way about God's sacrifice for us & love, grace & compassion towards me on Easter Sunday. Everything about the service & the day is moving. 

 And of course, the Easter Bunny coming to visit us was a special treat too. Quinn "saw the Easter Bunny outside the window and he was pink and furry"..... hmmmm....... wow.  But I must say the big giant furry pink bunny must be a bargain shopper like me and score big time at the dollar store! Look at these adorable chickies!
 It's my little tired, grumpy, teething & sick bunny. Poor baby. 
Now that's a happy bunny! 
Now I'm not sure that's the look of an adorable innocent bunny or a little naughty bunny!

Quinn Robert. Sigh.

 I told them, Fine, just make your silly face & get it over with! When Judah saw this picture he said "we look like grannies!" Lol.
The kids had a blast searching for Easter eggs at Mimi & Papa's house!

Awww, my sweet, dear, wonderful children, that looked like little angels in their Easter clothes. WELL, lemme just tell you these kids can make me CRAZY.  I have never, ever been so mad at any creature in my whole life than on Good Friday.  I swear steam was coming out of my ears on the playground.  Have you ever had one of these moments? 
Let me start by saying it's taken blood, sweat & tears to raise my strong willed child (Judah) and after 2 years of hard work/prayer/discipline/guidance I can say that at 4 - 5 years old I can see the fruit of our hard labor.  
Judah has become a VERY good kid. He's very respectful (of everyone but his brother, we're working on that), obedient, listens,  eager to please us, very attentive & tries to do the right thing most of the time. Because of this I need to remember to start allowing him to have certain freedoms & praise him for making wise choices even when i'm not hoovering over him.
So at the park I thought, I'll just let them run & play in this gated (but large) area and just know that he's not going to run too far & heed my voice when I call to check on him.
About five minutes later, I'm pushing Quinn & Viviana in the swings & I start scanning the park for Judah. I look as far as I can see, scanning desperately each child. I start calmly calling Judah...... Judah...... Judah.... as I look & look I don't see him at all. I try not to panic, thinking he's here somewhere, I've been watching the gate the whole time and I know who's come in and out of here. Now I start calling louder & louder and start yanking the kids out of their swings, at this point yelling JUDAH ANDRES like a maniac! I probably sounded like that crazy woman on Dance Moms or whatever that show is called. 
At this point, the other moms around me start getting very concerned and I tell them I'm sure he's still here as I've been watching the gate, all the while about to have a nervous break down, well at this point I see Judah run from the one jungle gym to the next trying to avoid me. And if I saw myself, I may want to avoid me too. I"m sure my face was purple with horror & anger the moment when I had the realization that my child was not kidnapped but in fact just avoiding me to continue playing.
 I quickly decide in my mind that now I was SO upset that now was not a good time to administor "godly discipline", so I quietly whisper- probably like a monster- into his ear, you scared me half to death! I thought you were gone forever! You are in time out for the REST OF YOUR LIFE. (good one right) and made him wait on the bench for at least 20 minutes while Quinn & Viviana played on the playground. Now in kid years, that's like a century.
When I finally got calmed down enough we had a good long talk and we left the playground to the open field. So much for freedoms. Parenting. And it just keeps getting more complicated, right?
And also, I love it when I get to bring the "north charleston" to the nice Mt Pleasant water front park. Sigh.

Judah staying close by & making sure Viviana stayed close by too. I hope he's learned his lesson "how not to make mom turn into a monster/how not to be in time out for the rest of my life" lesson.

It was hilarious because Viviana kept leaving our blanket and walking to this group's "picnic", over & over she would just go climb in this woman's lap! Finally I just joined them. I guess she saw all of their snacks & wanted to be a part of their group instead.
And of course no week/weekend would be complete without t-ball!

All the mean while Viviana & I are in steadfast prayer in the dugouts, on our knees crying out for God to help the Subway A's & Parker Surveying Mudcats win. Just kidding.

And while Guillermo is busy working on their batting/catching skills, I'm busy working even more important skills in their life..... 
 Like dancing the robot & break dancing skills.
Word. (and my "hair do" was thanks to my hair dresser Judah & my lovely tie was thanks to my stylist Quinn).. and speaking of crazy clothes, if my boys start to look like total ragamuffins, it's because I'm starting to let them dress themselves. "Yes Quinn, your brown & neon orange octupus shirt looks AWESOME with your blue and grey shorts!" and "Judah, your red & blue socks, blue pants look amazing with your orange shirt"....  :) .... oh yea, "your t-ball uniform hat goes great with EVERYthing"
And last but not least, the sweet little girl that has not made me want to turn into a monster yet, my little brave girl at the dentist! I found out her misery is because she's getting 8 new teeth, including 4 molars, which one has a hematoma on the gum line and when I asked the dentist when the teeth might pop through, he looked very happy to inform me "definitely in the next two months" which I wanted to reply, "should I just check myself into the psych ward now or wait a few weeks?".
I hope your Easter was Eas-Tacular!

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Julie said...

So many great pictures. Viviana looks so sweet in her bunny ears, even though she is sick. And she looks adorable in her little Easter dress. Of course I love seeing her Tiffany necklace!! I'm so glad you let her wear it all the time!

But, the best outfit award goes to Judah... the cutest EVER in his suspenders and gingham shirt. You need to put him in this outfit and take his picture alone and submit it to that Baby Blackbird site!!

I totally notice Quinn's "chin enhancement." Did you push him down on purpose?! :)

Love you guys and wish we could have spent Easter together. Seeing all the kids together to do their egg hunt would have been the best!