Monday, April 29, 2013

Spring in my step....

These boots were made for walkin, and that's just what they'll do..... 
We decided to take advantage of awesome weather to go for a nice walk at the County park.
Charleston is rather green this time of year, isn't it? But of course in my family - no matter the season, you can count that my guys are rather orange.
Of course you know what the boys were doing, baseball..... 
While I was busy swatting mosquitos and Viviana was very intently taking it all in. She's an observant one she is.....
She was also busy trying to eat someone else's discarded tortilla chips off the ground & yelling DUCK at every bird and airplane she saw..  (man those C17 "ducks" are so freakin noisy) ;)

Saturday night we got to do a guy's night/girl's night. My Dad, Guillermo & the boys went to the Riverdogs game and my Mom, Vivi and I went shopping & to dinner.

There's no time to stare at yourself in the mirror when you're power shopping Vivi!! :)
This is Vivi's "Cheese" face, which she makes every time the camera comes out and she says CHEESE really loudly.....
See, more cheese face.....
We had a great night! My Mom is so awesome at keeping VERY BUSY toddlers happy & corralled!
The boys give the sweetest flowers all the time.  I love it when it's close enough to home that they make it home & make it into some water!

 Does this ever happen in your house?
You walk into your living room & see this? 
I'm all like, oh heck no. Who put that tv on? Get those boonkies up & moving before the carpet alligators get you.

Now when you turn your furniture into a jungle gym, you have to be prepared for upkeep & extra screws & fixing.... but it's all good. Thank God for a handy hubby.
And the one child who will never STOP moving! When I see this picture of Vivi, all I can think is the Webbie song "I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T..... she got her own house, she got her own car"- doll house & pink plastic car that is.....  she's an independent girl on the move!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Flea Market Freak!

Do you know what I love? It's the FLEA MARKET!!! I know I've blogged about my produce finds at the flea market & kids shoes finds, but I just can't get enough!! I love bargain shopping!! I'm a bargain shopping addict. I'll admit it. Driving into the flea market or a garage sale to me is like driving into an amusement park as a kid. You want to fling yourself out of the car so fast so you can get in line, and for me I want to get out to see if there's a deal someone else is going to snatch! 
You know, you could give me the option of giving me $200 to go to Neiman Marcus or $100 to go to Community Thrift (at Ladson & Dorchester- aka- HEAVEN) and I'd chose the $100 at Community Thrift any day of the week! I could get 50 amazing things at community thrift for that money.
Do I sound insane? Lol.
Anyways, I'm definitely passing on my scavenging ways to my kids.  They have the best time treasure hunting. We give them a few dollars and they think they've hit the jackpot! They literally buy about 10 new action figures for $3. They think it's Christmas.
Doesn't Vivi look like the serious shopper here?
Deals galore...... 
Exotic veggies/fruits (are these consider roots??).....
I love the Asian vendors that sell stuff they grow in their backyard. We bought a giant cilantro stalk/plant for $1. It'll be a lot more valuable than $1 if it'll grow for us (with our black thumbs of plant death that is). We put Cilantro in everything. I wouldn't be surprised if I saw it floating in Guillermo's Raisin Bran.
Who needs "new" toys when you have the creepy clapping monkey?  I originally bought this for the boys vintage toy themed playroom (that quickly was converted to their bedroom when I found out bebe #3 was on the way).  But this thing was supposed to sit on a shelf, assuming all children would be spooked by the thing, not wanting to play with the thing as it shrieks and nods it's head with the crazy smile. I mean, you have to admit, it's a little "horror movie-ish". Anyways, Viviana begs to play with it every time we go in the boys room. Pointing at it saying "dog dog dog dog dog" until I get it for her. I've tried to teach her "monkey" and she looks at me like I'm crazy and says "Daugh" (aka Dog).  So, it's the creepy clapping dog that sits up & wears a vest & a night cap.

Can you tell someone is happy with his new treasure?

Part of the boys loot.

Quinn was begging me to play with them with their new toys. Now not sure about you other mamas out there, but I'm not very creative playing with Bumble Bee, Optimus Prime, Hulk, wolf boy and a scorpion. I mean, I smash a few things, and roar then it's like, umm what now? Then I find myself trying to play like I did with my Barbies growing up. I say, ok Quinn, Bumble Bee wants Hulk to come & play and ask his mama if he can spend the night. Ummm, not sure boys idea of playing is making their toys have slumber parties. So I told them that the magnets were cookies & Optimus prime and Hulk could earn cookies for spelling words & identifying letters with the "cookies". Educational games. Womp womp.  Man, times like this I wish I had a brother growing up.

At the rate this girl is going, she'll prefer Hulk to Barbie!

A special surprise, Tio came to visit us this weekend. Can you see Viviana is a little apprehensive of who is giving her the bottle. :) 
 Awwww, Bros.
Nothing keeps this girl occupied like picking up trash off of the ground and handing it to me. I've recently incorporated this "hand it to me" after to avoid it going into her mouth. At T-ball I curse the sale of boiled peanuts. Do you know how many discarded peanut shells she's snuck in her mouth before I can snatch it out! And that's not the worse. This weekend we had friends over for dinner and I forgot to remind the kids to please keep the bathroom doors shut and next thing I knew she was soaking wet- FROM THE TOILET.  I wonder how toilet water tastes? I'm sure she knows. Sigh. :)
Uncle Scott!

In my mama's heart I knew my boys would make the best body guards for their little sis. And sure enough, my hunch was right.

 Don't mess with this guy's sister. He takes his job very seriously! :)

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

One of my least favorite things & one of my favorite things!

If there is one thing I've learned as a mother, it's NEVER EVER say "my kid never......" or guaranteed it'll happen like two minutes after you make that remark. It could be a bragging comment, like, well my kid NEVER bites other kids, well, next thing you know you look over and your sweet child has morphed into a ravenous zombie trying to eat their friend. Well, in my case, I've secretly been so shocked, but never uttered the words, that "my kids have never had the stomach flu"! And despite never admitting this fact to anyone, the barf bug came down on our house like the plague. Now mind you, my kids have been SICK. Judah & Quinn were typical sick daycare babies, and we think Judah had allergies and was sick with the sniffles for the first 16 months of his life, but thankfully never the stomach flu. Well I knew our day would come. And it came in the Soler house hold with a vengence. Viviana, Judah & I all got it. Vivi got over it in about 48 hours and about 2 days after Vivi was over it Judah was barfing everywhere/dry heaving and it's been going on 4 days now. I've never dealt with personally a more sick child. Just heart breaking. But I think we're on the upswing....
This has been Judah since noon on Friday. And no, that container beside him is not for popcorn. He takes it everywhere he goes, like Anton Jackson in In Living Color, with his pickle jar.

Not to be outdone, Quinn needed a cold washcloth too.   
 So all of us watched so much tv this weekend our brains are fried.  Well, I should say, Quinn & my brains are fried. This girl here is in full on busy-monster-teething mode. Not that you could tell by this sweet little smile. But it was pretty much non strop scream/meltdown fest all day Sunday. And then barfing boy, and Guillermo gone playing drums all day at church, it was just an awesome day.
When I saw this picture, for the first time EVER, I thought to myself, one of my children looks like one of my sister's children! Is it just me, or does Viviana look a little bit like Dean here? I know it's probably just the one picture, but it's still fun to see.
 That handsome lil dude.
Vivi is busy accessorizing with her brother's toys. What's a girl to do?
A lot of people keep mentioning Viviana's curly hair lately so I had to post a picture for our out of town family, it's a full head of curls in the back! Who'd have thunk it? I think as kids my sisters might have had curly hair? But I don't think Gmo or I had curly hair?
Now Judah is my true helper & Quinn is usually the kid that while trying to help accidentally gets a lollipop stuck in clean laundry, or by "folding" clothes, he somehow accidentally puts dirty socks back in the drawer or something insane, but while his brother was out of commission, he's actually done a really good job. Except as I was screaming at him, GET A WASHCLOTH, as I'm smashing a lizard with the hulk "hand" toy in order to hold it still while he gets the wash cloth for me to grab it and throw it outside and he's looking at me like UHHHHH DUHHHHHH and I yell like a monster GET A WASHCLOTH!!!! (I'm seriously scared of reptiles, but the only thing more scary that grabbing a lizard by yourself to throw outside is knowing it's somewhere IN your house unknown and crawl on your face when you're sleeping - omg, I have goose bumps) But he finally moved & got me a wash cloth and God gave me super human strength to grab the lizard & throw him outside.  But lemme just tell you, had it been a frog, I would've taken the kids, barfing and all and left the house. For realz. 
 My little "mama" shushing her baby before one of her total meltdowns.
Total meltdown pouting.
Come molars, come, make this girl my little happy girl again!
Ok, so now my NEW FAVORITE THING!!!
 The new myspace! It's freakin amazing!!!! You HAVE to go revive your myspace account. You need to use google chrome (and maybe one or two other options) to use it, but's it's free & totally worth it downloading it to use First of all you have access to all free music! You create mixes, as you can see here I have several different mixes, unlimited access to every single band under the sun. You can create mixes for any party, mood, season, etc. And access your account from any computer! And yes, in case you're wondering I have bi-polar taste in music, from praise & worship, to heavy metal, to Pink (and other obnoxious guilty pleasure pop music), to hip hop, to Mumford & sons/folksy/indie rock. I'm sure my coworkers think i'm insane as one day they come in and I'm listening to Jesus Culture and two hours later I'm listening to Gucci Mane and 2 hours later I'm listening to Elvis and the next morning it's metal.  Anyways, it's 100 times better than Pandora. You create the playlist, it's always free & you know exactly what's going to play next, you never have to skip songs to ones you like, cause you are the one that puts it there! Yay!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Spring has SPRUNG!

It's officially spring! Well, in Charleston terms that means, it goes from being 32 degrees, to the next day it's 85 degrees. And it stays so warm you're sweating for the next 3 days straight so you figure the cold is gone and the heat is here to stay. Ahhh, bipolar Charleston weather. 

 Attack of the giant azalea bush!!
Viviana had the same range of emotions as I do in my car, driving in North Charleston.
She starts out saying, this is an awesome, gorgeous day for a drive, I LOVE TODAY!
Idiot North Charleston drivers!! Seriously, are you running from the cops??

Jesus, take the wheel!!
And if you've ever driven on Ashley Phosphate Road you've probably experienced all of these emotions too.

Ok, so I'm trying to avoid posting pictures every blog post of baseball, but this weekend was the boys opening ceremony and their first games. I had to post this picture of them in their cute little uniforms.
The boys with their hero, Drew. Coolest 10 year old you'll ever meet.
I feel like doing a tour de playgrounds when the weather is so nice..... so we ventured out to Hampton Park downtown.
 It's so fun to see your baby explore the world. She just kept saying "duck, duck, duck, duck, duck" over again looking at the ducks & seagulls.
She kept trying to smell & eat the flowers too!

This is my view of Viviana most days now, light speed ahead, unless we're home & she just wants to snuggle with me (especially if I'm trying to get housework done.. you know the drill). :)

 The boys play ball, the girls go see how close we can get to the fearless duck.
I have no fear! Quack, quack, quack.
Speaking of fearless, these boys here......

 Now I realize that getting a picture of all three kids is pretty much a futile effort, but I try regardless. I say, hold onto Vivi really strong so she doesn't fall into the water! And after two seconds (top picture) Quinn has this idea that she's falling into the water and is yelling, she's going to fall!!!!! (second picture) and what's actually happening behind me is the stroller is blowing INTO the pond!! Chaos!!!! Sigh. Life with 3 kids. What can you do. The stroller survived. :)
So we opted for the picture away from the water!

And if the weekend weren't amazing enough, one of my favorite people in the world dropped by to say "hi"! My friend Paul graduated the police academy with me. This guy was my best friend & support at the academy, which at that point in my life was the most intense experience I've ever had, just mentally, physically, emotionally exhausting. I am so thankful for him & even more thankful that great cops like him are patrolling my neighborhood!

Vivi says, it's time to get our church on mama!

So I said, get your purty faces on guys, time for Church! 
Hope your Monday isn't heinous!