Wednesday, March 20, 2013

T-Ball in the house!

Errmegerrrrrrr... my house is being over run with sports.  For those of you who really know my family, you know I HATE sports. And for those of you who know my husband, you know he lives/breathes for sports.  So of course, our family course was charted when I had two baby boys for SPORTS.  We finally took the plunge to add one more thing to our busy schedule & put both boys in t-ball.  But they are so darn cute! And I knew Judah would be good because he's insanely competitive and very athletic, but I thought Quinn (although athletic, he's just a giant clown) would be picking his nose and trying to make the other kids laugh rather than paying attention and trying hard to play serious baseball.  But I'm surprised, Quinn has done really, really well! I'm so proud of both of them! 

And of course our little cheer leader!  
Our buddies, the VanHoutens met us after practise. And just to ensure each child was completely covered in the red clay after their practises, we let them play on the mound afterwards. Thank God for Oxi-clean.
Now we're not Irish, and we didn't do anything other than church & dinner at my parents on St Patty's, but we'll rock the green! And wear all of Mimi & Papa's awesome hats! 

It's the Irish-Puerto Rican Abraham Lincoln! 
I love the green "hair" on the back of the hat! 

And the baby who won't keep a Leprechon hat, a cute bow or anything on her head anymore.
Now this guy on the other hand could LIVE in a Batman mask & cape!
The innate differences between girl babies & boy babies is so stinkin adorable. Viviana can already "shush" and rock a baby like no one's business. And the girl is "on the phone" all day long! I love to imagine her conversations, like Bonita Bitrell from In Living Color (do you remember her?)... goes something like this.....
Girl, she did WHAT??? 
Well, she is a total skank, but I ain't one to gossip, so you ain't heard that from me!
But actually the really cute thing is every time she's with me she's "calling" Guillermo. She says "Dada?" each time she puts it to her ear.

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