Thursday, March 28, 2013

King of the Pinch!

Quinny got a "pinch", actually a finger prick and 2 shots at the Dr today. This is pretty rare because we do not go by the government suggested vaccine schedule and we only get about 1/4 of the recommended vaccines, so this is the only time he's ever needed two shots in one day, it was pretty traumatic. I've been teaching Quinn how to be a tough guy lately and he's been really trying hard. Well today at the doctors office he LOST HIS CRAP.  Screaming like the lady was sawing his limbs off, before, during and after the shot. Sigh.
The best part was, after this I took him to my work and he told everyone he was so "bwave" and didn't cry at all. I wonder if it was so traumatic he actually blacked out and didn't remember any of it. Lol. Anyways, my boys love my work, I mean, what kid wouldn't? Everyone of my amazing coworkers is constantly giving them little surprises and they get to "ride" in fire trucks, ambulances, police cars and garbage trucks! And my boss, who is an amazing coach & baseball player plays catch with them, they feel like rockstars at the City of Hanahan!

Quinn & the Fire Chief.

I told Quinn he could pick where we went for lunch. I tried to use Jedi mind tricks to get him to pick Mexican, but we ended up at Mickey D's. Bur Burr.
Baby girl scraped her nose up pretty bad last week. It's healed quickly! (Yay for Aquaphor. I think that'll heal anything!)

Vivi loves to kiss & hug every baby she sees, like trying to make out with the other baby sister on the t-ball team.. it's pretty hilarious. She even kisses the baby in the mirror!

She'll literally brush her teeth for an hour if you'd let her! But not with a manual toothbrush, with the electric toothbrush. It's a miracle for teething babies!


And every picture I take of Judah lately has been like this. Him, his baseball, glove & bat (or some combination of these items). This boy is obsessed! Finally something we can encourage his competitive spirit!
Have a GREAT Easter weekend!  And don't forget the reason for the season or as Quinn told my coworker, "Did you know on Easter Jesus died on the cross and God was like superman and came back 3 days later cause nothing can keep him from coming back".. there it is, Easter. Nailed it.


Charleston's Chew said...

I miss you guys! :(

Charleston's Chew said...
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Julie said...

Quinn's chicken nugget face is like the happiest face a kid could make!

Your boys are SO athletic, you are going to be sitting at baseball, basketball, and football games for the rest of your life sister!! I can't wait to see what they can accomplish! I'm proud of you for getting it together and starting them out now, even though I know the scheduling takes a lot of juggling and time and effort for you and G.

Love you,