Thursday, March 14, 2013

Cruising Part 2!

Our next port was Roatan, Honduras.  It was so green & lush.

 Cousins!! I love this picture!

My little cowgirl!
Look at my handsome nephews! 

Look at that beach bebe!
Of course our trip couldn't go by without that picture...... 
I seriously need a full body rash guard too! I was a lobster by this point! (even with 60 spf!) 

 Now THIS was my favorite port, Costa Maya, Mexico. It was a slice of Heaven.....

Shrimp Ceviche, I can't quit you. Seriously my mouth waters just looking at this picture.

Now, what do you do when you realize you're done with all of your ports?
You get all fancy like for formal dinners! 
And if you're 13 months old, you whine a lot at dinner. Bur Burr. 

 And if you're lucky, you win a lot at the roulette table!
If you're a dancer, you work it girl.

And when you're especially ancy, you turn your stroller into a jungle gym.
You act like a cool guy as you patrol the decks.
You go down the kiddie water slides 182 times while sunburnt mamas sit under umbrellas.

You walk on the twelfth deck holding hands tight so the kids don't blow off the ship on the big gusts of wind!

You play putt putt.

 And last but not least, you get all gussied up one more time to celebrate love and the ones you love!

(you boogey down while wild boys before you turn them over to camp carnival)

The steak house restaurant we went to was Guillermo's meat heaven!

What an amazing time. With amazing people. We are truly blessed!

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