Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A Pirates Life for Me! Cruising Part #1

Even with 2 kids and a baby in tow, our trip was the best vacation ever! Warning- LOTS of pictures!!! I'm so sad to be back to reality.  It was like reality punched me in the face with the "spring forward  time change the day we got back!

I'll tell you 2 funnies before I get to massive amounts of pictures.

I'll give this disclaimer, I've dealt with minor claustrophobia my whole life, it got really, really bad with each pregnancy and especially with Viviana and despite it being a year since I've had her, I still have it.  I woke up the first night in our tiny little cruise cabin feeling like it was SO HOT (I'm also really, really hot-natured). The air was turned all the way down and I thought maybe the air was not working in our room. I went out in the hallway and everywhere felt hot! So I started to panic thinking the air didn't work on the whole floor and my claustrophobia started to set in. My room started to feel smaller and smaller and it was so hot I started POURING sweat.  I didn't want to wake my family up so I went to the elevators and used the "lobby" (area by the elevators) phone to call guest services to ask for a fan, or for someone to look at the air conditioning on the 9th floor (ok, i'm probably losing my mind by this point, my mom - in the room next to us said she was cold that night), I must have sounded like a desperate lunatic, no doubt looked like a crack head having DTs with all of my sweat, calling from the elevator phone cause right away they sent someone with a fan and it changed everything. When I told my sister the story the next day she misunderstood and thought I was IN the elevator calling the emergency "red phone" to tell them I was hot and the air wasn't working. Even now as I type, I'm laughing, imagining  me screaming on the emergency phone IN the elevator "the 9th floor is on FIRE, I'm DYING of sweat!" We laughed so hard we about pooped ourselves. Maybe this story isn't even funny to anyone but us. Sorry. :)

So Quinn has managed to conquer his fear of the Chick Fil A cow mascot and Chuck E Cheese mascot, so I never worry about mascots anymore.  We took the kids to "Camp Carnival" and that night at dinner he told us that Freddy the Fun Ship mascot came to see them and he had followed him into the bathroom! Of course I wanted to go find Freddy and push him overboard and say what kind of creep becomes a mascot to go follow kids into bathrooms! But my logic was saying, could a 8 foot tall, "tail of a ship" mascot even fit in the bathroom? With 5 camp carnival workers and the person leading Freddy around even allow him to go in the bathroom with a child? Regardless, I asked the nursery worker and she said that no, Freddy absolutely did not go in the bathroom with Quinn, but rather Quinn, as soon as he saw him enter the room ran as fast as he could to the bathroom and she went in after him and he was there, literally shaking in the corner of the bathroom he was so scared of Freddy! LOL. Poor Quinny!!
Was ten minutes after we boarded the ship too soon to eat a giant plate of food & have a lovely cocktail? NOPE!

The kids were in awe of the ship & the Disney cruise across from our boat at Port Canaveral.
 Holy nautical stripes Batman! 
Everything was so picturesque!  

This trip was a major celebration of my parents amazing 40 year marriage! What a blessing to see such a strong, godly marriage all these years! 
It just so happened that the first day on the ship was Guillermo & Dean's birthdays too!!  Happy birthday to my amazing, sweet, hilarious, kind, loving husband and my awesome nephew!! (I didn't get a picture with his sign, but Dean turned 3!)
We were SO happy to just be together for many days!
Our first port, Cozumel Mexico. What a neat place!  Julie & fam went on a private beach excursion while we explored the town & our mission was to find good food! (or should I say it was Guillermo's mission)

 The kids loved to dance to the street vendors music... 
And of course, after seeing the drummer guy break dance, Quinn had to show off his skills too.  

Mexican food IN Mexico, Guillermo's died and gone to Heaven!

It was so fun buying Vivi little baby dolls at the port. The little Mexican baby doll was the cutest! 

I told the boys they could eat WHATEVER they wanted on the cruise.  Judah ordered pizza as an app and cheeseburger as an entree. Hilarious.
Quinn apparently has a more sophisticated palette and got lobster......
And escargot, which he wasn't too sure about when he ate it (despite him saying when he ordered it that he wanted ALIVE snails, not dead ones to eat)
That girl is such a lush! She didn't care about the food. (j/k)

Our next port was Belize, where Guillermo & Firoze went cave tubing and had the time of their lives, Julie & kids stayed on the ship to go to the ship's water park, and my parents (thank God) came with me to a snorkeling excursion!  

 This little teeny tiny island was paradise!!!! I want to go back! We went really far out snorkeling and I was so proud of myself, since i'm SO AFRAID of sea creatures. :)

 Stay tuned for the 2nd half mateys!

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Beth VH said...

Oh what an amazing trip and beautiful photos!! What great memories ya'll will have for years to come. I love the story of you and your claustrophobia in the middle of the night! I'm so glad though that the AC was indeed working. That would have been hot! Vivi's cute navy sailor girl outfit is adorable! I love that Judah ordered a pizza and a cheeseburger. :) ... A kid's dream dinner! My boys would be in food paradise! I love the pic of Quinny breakdancing and of him sitting on the steps with the yellow wall behind him. What beautiful colors in that little town! I'm so glad you guys had such an amazing time!