Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Musical House.....

  I quite often finding myself playing "musical house"... and not like this, although there was music. 
 I stayed up until 2 o'clock in the morning Friday night planning & deciding I NEEDED I wanted to change up the kids rooms. It took everything in me to not sneak in the kids rooms and start measuring out spaces and moving furniture. I was on a mission! First of all Judah & Quinn's toy clutter was making me crazy (an overall lack of space in my house makes me sort of crazy) and Viviana's lack of toy storage was making me crazy. I am in the constant state of de-clutterizing my house. I am constantly battling hoarder tendencies. I'll admit it. So I decided to switch it up a bit. Like musical chairs but with EVERY piece of furniture in the kids rooms. You move it round & round & round until it fits (much to your sweet husbands irritation). Although, I do have to say, this type of event always results in a big PURGE for Goodwill. (Yay). And some things get put in the attic for a rest so when we bring them back down the kids feel like they're new toys!
This is what we started with. Clutter, right?
My helpful, strong boys! 

And we were left with BOOKS explosion since part of the plan was to temporarily move the bookcase into Viviana's room for toy storage. 
And we have a LOT of books. I think kids should have a lot of things to read, and because I rarely spend more than $.25-$.50 on a book (thrift stores/garage sales), and the kids have been given wonderful books as gifts over the years. And you can see, some of my thrift store finds have been loved by MANY children. This one makes me laugh that people kept on marking out the previous names.
See, organization makes Vivi happy too. From the overwhelming book flood to a clean floor to play on.
Now, I love the Pottery Barn/Land of Nod book shelves, but I am on more of a thrift store budget rather than a Pottery Barn budget I decided to hunt all over Home Depot for ideas. Finally I decided to cut a 6 foot storage rack into 2 parts and cut two of the close together shelves off (the nice guy at Home Depot did it all for me). And the guy who always helps with my wild schemes put them up asap! 
Excellent!! Those shelves stored approximately 60 books! 
And the next day every pain & ache & effort was worth it! I love walking and playing in the kids room again. Woosah. 

Now this girl is a trouble maker. She's MOST happy when she is knocking a lamp off the table. 
 Knocking an antique iron bookshelf to the floor.
Getting stuck in the boys bunk bed ladder. 
I smell trouble!!! 

And I finally got around to hanging the pom poms I made for her birthday in her room!
Now this bookcase is just temporary, this will be my new HUNT on Craigslist/thrift stores/etc....this is exactly what I want to find....
I love a good bargain hunt (although this one will be hard to find I'm sure).....
 Now Valentine's Day was deliciously sweet and a GORGEOUS sunset to boot! 
We had a MEAT FEST at Moose's BBQ with my favorite Charleston Valentine's!

 Special shout out to my sweet valentine, Guillermo. Thank you for putting up with my shenanigans! :)


Mrs Woo said...

Can Guillermo come do DIY at my house please?! You have just inspired me not to throw out this old worn out bookshelf that I have. I broke one of the glass panels in a preggo hunger rage & it's just, really knackered, as they say here. But painted and the wobbly, too small shelf taken out it'd be perfect for a few of Matilda's one bazillion toys!

G-Metal, Coco, Angel Face and Bunny said...

Oh yes, do not throw that away! This woman really inspires me and you're equally crafty as she is. Look at the craft room she created from pretty much nothing..
AMAZING right!!!