Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Awesomeness & the Obnoxiousness...

What do you do when you have loads of laundry & cleaning to do? 
 You make it the kids job to drag every pillow to the living room to jump for an hour while the adults bust their behinds cleaning without every toy in the house taken back out!  Fun play. Awesomeness. The fact that the house needs cleaned everyweek and laundry needs done everyday, obnoxious-ness.

I love Judah's expression here..... 
Vivi don't give a dang, she lets it all hang out!
Quinn's turn for a special date day with my parents!  And both boys spent the night with them at their house. Awesomeness! The fact that the next day I packed the kids their shirts/jackets/hats but forgot everything below the waist! Obnoxiousness.  (thank God my parents keep a small stash of kids clothes at their house). 

We went to the flea market & Viviana was a complete angel! She slept and sat quietly in the stroller for 3 hours!  Awesomeness! But then later in the day refused to nap at all! Obnoxiousness.
 Judah's flea market $1 find! Awesomeness! The fact that the truck's trailer is carrying a car that is the size of a big grape, and immediately got "lost" by mama so a little sister doesn't swallow it, obnoxiousness.
My new obsession, buying cheap records at the flea market for $.50 each before the whole world starts buying them again causing them to get really expensive, awesomeness! Me having a newfound record collection, but no record player yet. And I'm too cheap to go out and buy a new one, i'll wait for Craigslist. Obnoxiousness.
Judah's new flea market tennis shoes with magical football catching powers for $13. Awesomeness! The fact that he's outgrowing an amazing collection of size 12 shoes. Obnoxiousness.
Cheap groceries at Walmart & the cute people of walmart. Awesomeness! The OTHER people of Walmart. Obnoxiousness.
Convincing the kids to behave for mega shopping trip by promised goodies at check out wtih Christmas money, awesomeness! Two adults who thought a megashopping trip to Walmart on Superbowl Sunday before church would be feasible, Obnoxiousness.

Getting Judah's 100 day of school project done, Awesomeness! Getting it done a day late when you realize Feb 4th is Monday not a tuesday, obnoxiousness!
Letting sister have her first lollipop from "Judah's Candy Shop" to entertain her while we work on Judah's project, awesomeness!  "homeless man" sticky head/face/shirt/highchair, obnoxiousness.
Sugar high, Awesomeness (for the kid at least).  Sugar low, obnoxiousness. Sigh.
Hope your weekend was ALL awesomeness. 


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Mrs Woo said...

I laughed the whole way through this post! I totally fell in love your your kids at Viviana's birthday party. They are sooo sweet and I thought they were amazingly well behaved esp considering all of the sugar they consumed and the fact that they had friends over! Them there are some good boys you've got!

My awesomeness for today is that I am able to sit down and have a cup of tea and digestive biscuits. The obnoxiousness is that Matilda wanted a cookie too, so she got a half and now it's all crumbled and crushed into the couch, all except for the chocolate which is all over her face! And then I had to drop my cookie into my hot tea to grab her Mousey self to keep her from falling off of the sofa! Soggy biscuit and there will be gross crumbs at the bottom of my cuppa.