Wednesday, February 27, 2013

My brain is on Vaycay!

  We're getting ready for our big cruise & I can't hardly think about anything else! I feel like everything I've done for 2 weeks has been in some way to get ready for this trip. I'm not sure how the Duggars pack for all their trips, I feel like I'm packing for an army just with the 5 of us!  

So here are some of the non-trip related things we've been up to... 
Rain, rain, go away!

Vivi learned how to blow her nose, which I thought was so awesome, until today, before work when she grabbed my shirt and blew her nose on it and I had to change. 

I had to post this pic for posterity's sake. Quinn fell out of the bed last week and he didn't even cry, we gave him hugs & put him back to bed. He woke up some time later crying that he had peed over the whole bed. Turned out he had quite a head wound and had blood all over the bed. It was like a murder scene. Looking at his bloody head made me want to pass out. Thank God for "nursing types" husbands. :)  Thank God he's ALRIGHT! 

And the next morning Viviana learned how to get out of her crib and fell out of it! 

Guillermo said he was going to punch Judah in the face just to "get it over with".... JUST KIDDING for those of you who don't know we just have a warped sense of humor. (and thank God Judah didn't have some major catasrophe like his siblings)
Doesn't this picture make Viviana look like she's break dancing? Work it girl.
In case you didn't know, BoJangles started selling little turkeys, mmmm....looks delicious!

A lot of cool peeps have their birthdays in February, including Luke, my father in law Jose, Gavin, Angela & Paul, Happy Birthday guys!!!!! We love you!
I'm sooooo excited to announce Beth is having baby #4!!!! 
I"m requesting a girl, so Viviana will have a little bestie, just like the boys have the VanHouten boys. :)

The boys have had the best time with Dr Seuss week! It's CRAZY hair day!
(Dr Seuss didn't  realize a mullet was actually waay more crazy than purple feathers)
 Guess who got her piggies painted for the cruise!!!!
Awww. My heart skipped a beat!

So we'll be gone for 10 whole days on our trip!!! Woo hoo! I'll see you on the flip side! If I could interject a sound right now, it'd be a big ship horn. TOOT TOOT!

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