Monday, February 11, 2013

A Tale of Two Brothers & Pink Feathers

 These boys. These boys make me swoon. These boys make me crazy. These boys make my heart melt. These boys make me exhausted. But most of all I am thankful that they have each other. 

Judah is very proud of his new skill to whistle.

So of course Quinn has to whistle too. 
 But I guess his whistler is broken. 

 It's non-stop secrets, and no doubt half of all the secrets are potty talk, like "then the storm trooper fell into the toilet and he was a toilet head"....
 One moment they are best friends. The next they are ready to destroy each other. But in the end it's always love.
While Judah wrote out Valentine's for his class, Quinn wrote "Q" on 7 valentines cards and said four of them were for Judah.
I'll never forget the look they gave each other when I brought home "Bunny" (as Judah named him) from the hospital and Judah knew that this little guy was his best friend. We talked to Judah about it for 9 months, but I think he just knew it was his BFF.
And then Judah wanted "Bunny to go bye bye"... :)
But then Bunny started to grow & be fun! 
And Judah realized he had a little minion to boss around! And to torture!
And another WILD boy to play with!
And someone to lead the way....
And someone to protect...
And someone to make everything, and I mean EVERYthing into a competition with....
No matter how many times they make each other cry, a 1,000 more times they make each other laugh
There is nothing more precious than your brother.

And sister too!! We can't leave her out. She is cautiously, very, very slowly walking at her own pace. I guess one outta 3 that's NOT a risk taker is good for my blood pressure.
This weekend ended up with some fun spontaneous events. We got to go to "Papa's" McDonalds (the big one by their house) after church and a kid-less trip to the flea market where I found a $20 record player! Woot woot!
Viviana, although not a risk taker, was pretty excited to climb as far as her little moccasins would take her up that slide! 
And the not so awesome, my dear, sweet husband was trying to be helpful and put the duvet cover & sheets in the wash with two red table clothes. Two emergency trips to the store to buy every googled-sure fire way to take out red dye and no luck... sigh ..... hope he likes pink feathers & pink pillow cases. :(

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