Friday, January 11, 2013

Wise Guys, Eh?

 You have to say the title in a really nasal-whiney New York accent. Think Pauly D when he's imitating the chapstick guido. "Wise Guys, Eh?"  "Awk- WARD".. (do you watch trash tv like me and even know what I'm talking about?) Lol.

So when you're married to a hispanic man your kids get an extra holiday as the grand finale to the Christmas season!  3 Wisemen Day!  It's January 6th, several days after Jesus was born they made it to the manger bearing gifts, and here they are now, bearing gifts 2,000 + years later to children all across the world! :)  

Aren't these three kings so magestic in their royal hats & camo pants? More like King Cobra.

It's amazing how the three kings always bring the Christmas stuffed animals that sing christmas songs, you know, the same stuffed animals we all saw at Food Lion for 75% off! Man, those guys are pretty wise to get those great deals!

Now Viviana's gift also happens to be the little ride on toy I bought for her about 2 months before she was born and we almost forgot we had in the attic! Now we have a new toy to scuff up our hardwood floors for the next 2 years.  

And in the spirit of good tidings, Vivi let the boys play on her toy while she hung out in the play pen with her fuzzy bed head.

January 6th has always been a special day in our family. It is my parents anniversary, 40 years this year!!!! I have always said that people that remain married that long should get some type of reward, like a tax deduction! And this year we're celebrating with them in a big way... a cruise in March!! I'm so excited I can barely stand it.  Everyday when Quinn wakes up he gets upset that today isn't the day for the big boat. I'm upset too buddy.

Ivan & Kat came over to "do Christmas" (and birthday too, Happy Birthday Bro, we love you!) and they gave the kids literally the best gift a little (or big) boy could ever get. Look at these happy faces! 

I think this was the face between a smile and a roar of  PWEASE OPEN IT MAMA!

(and the purple "beard" on Quinn's chin is Judah's handiwork from him thinking he was a real football player and tackling Quinn to the floor on the hardwood, boys. sigh)

Play hard, get hurt hard. We deal with it.

Viviana and her boyfriend, Levi. (notice the matching sweater/shoes, aren't they just adorbs like that) 
The fantastic 4....
We love having people over! Especially when they are loud & wild like us!

Now look at this big girl! Can you believe she is turning one in just 2 weeks!!  She's on the cusp of walking on her own now too.  Man, that's a hard time to chase after a baby toddling all around.. enjoying my last few days of sitting down..... 

Now I'm going to put my hand on her head and tell her to stop growing and stay cute & teeny & snuggly forever!!! Cause right now is just perfect!

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Blessed On A Farm said...

Awww....your kids are so cute and I can't believe Viv is going to be ONE already! That's just crazy how time flies! She's SO adorable and I'm glad you have your girl! :)