Monday, January 21, 2013

Wake up to get your cake up weekends

I'm not sure why I get such a kick out of hip hop culture.

"Get your cake up"- (urban dictionary)
 1)is the act or process of one person or groups of persons doing something advantagous for their self 
2) doing what you have to do to get by 
3) trying to get what you want without having to do much else

One of the few times a Lil' Boosie lyric describes the Soler family weekends.  Our weeks are fully charged, working overtime, homework, appointments, errands, but our weekends are typically rejuvenating, sweet & perfect, filled with that matters most. 

Last weekend we had smoothie & movie Sunday.  (how awesome is it that you can make a whole event out of making smoothies & watching rented DVD- will they still think it's super cool when they're like 18? lol)

 Don't eat your brothers toys Vivi. I know your plans!

 Happy 1st Birthday Matilda!! Isn't she the cutest! Last year at this time Felicia & I were in the agony of waiting on babies to be born and now these girls are getting so big. Tear.
Matilda's party was at one of the hidden gems on James Island at the Crump's house, seriously, look at this back yard! Like 200 degrees of marsh front.

Look ma! I'm "walking".... :) this girl is my most cautious baby, the boys were/are such risk takers, this girl is so careful. When she's standing on her own without holding onto anything, you can see the realization  of "WHAT am I doing up here all alone with nothing to hold onto?" and she falls back down.

We finally got to do "christmas" with the Q's. Look at that handsome almost 16 year old boy!!

I thought this picture was hilarious, it really looks like Gavin's punching Quinn! (which of course he wasn't)

Auntie E got in the hulk action too. a contradiction of sorts. STUPID never ending teething.
I love Quinn's expressions when he plays. I could just sit and watch them for hours. Until they start fighting with each other about the dumbest thing in the whole world and I want to yell "why can't we all just get along" like it's a magical chant that will make them stop fighting. Brothers. Sigh.

This girl will beat you upside the head with her fist pump, out of control baby hands (we're working on "gentle") but at least she's just a little sweetie pie who can't fight yet.
At least no one fights mama. Ahhh, my little sweets. Weekends are the best. 

Well, this might be the best..... my snuggle time that I cherish every single day. I just want to eat this girl up.

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