Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Quiet Countdown...

This year to say I've been sad to see the Christmas season come to a close is an understatement. I'm still watching all the rest of the It's a Wonderful Lifetime Christmas movies I DVR'd (much to Gmo's irritation, sorry to say) and praying each day goes by slowly before another busy year begins. 

We've all been having fun playing with our new Christmas toys.  
DRUMS! Ba-dump. chump.  The boys are really good too!  They were a gift from their Abuelo & Abuela (at our request) and I love the sound of the kids playing their drums.  It's the sound of the kids playing their recorders that I'm beginning to HATE. And I bought the recorders for them. Sigh. ;) When Judah opened the recorder he said "It's what I ALWAYS wanted"......

That is my favorite after Christmas leftover. I'll eat her up everyday!

And the kids love their new swing set from Mimi & Papa!

We love outdoor fun. I should say, I love it for my kids. I prefer to have my butt planted on the couch or my bed watching TV eating popcorn. Isn't that just terrible.

Can you tell we've had a cold snap?? YES!

Pizza making nights and...... 
Gingerbread house making days.

And one last weekend of a sparkling front yard. 

I think we should leave this up all year round just for kicks. Just Kidding.

My little lamb happens to love to Eat Mor Chikin!

I think the kids get as excited about the fast food playgrounds as they do a carnival. 

And some teething & crying. But not too much, thank the Lord.

And one last hurrah in 2012, watching Clemson pull out a last minute win against the other tigers. (Sorry Paul & Angela, love ya'll).

 happy tiger fans.
See ya later 2012, it's been real.


Blessed On A Farm said...

Happy 2013!!!! It looks like you had a really great Christmas! I'm sad that it went by so fast for our family too! Amazing...all the work and preparation and it's DONE...just like that.
Love all the pictures! :)
Betsy :)

Bruin and Nicole Robinson said...

Hey girl! This was the only way I knew how to get in touch with you... Chara gave me a big box of clothes to give to you! Can we schedule a pick up/drop off? Email me! Nic410@gmail.com. Ps, your family is beyond adorable... :)