Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Say it ain't so! My baby is ONE!!!

 I can't believe my sweet, precious, little angel is turning one in just a little over a week!
  Viviana Laine has been the biggest blessing to our family. She is pure joy, so calm, so happy, so content, so much so that everyday I feel like she is going to turn into a holy terror for being so good for the first year, or maybe her teenage years will be hell! Lol, I'm such a cynic.  Anyways, our lives are blessed beyond measure because of this girl!  Thank you God!

My dear friend Beth took these amazing 1st birthday photos of Viviana, you can see Beth's awesome pics of her own kids on her blog. There were so many good pics as you can see, I found it hard to consolidate it into fewer photos..... :)

And of course I couldn't resist putting Viviana's two best brothers ever on here! They are the clowns that keep her (and us) laughing & her fierce protectors from all things, especially all small toys that might go into her mouth & from the bowl of dog food! 

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Blessed On A Farm said...

Such a beautiful little girl. :)

Happy Birthday, Viviana!