Monday, January 28, 2013

Little ONE, Big Love

Viviana's birthday was filled with sugar & spice & everything nice! 

I never knew how fun it'd be to plan a very girly & pinky & ballerina-ish birthday party. :)

My awesome little ballerina
 Who took her first steps this week too! Woo hoo!

S.U.G.A.R. wow-zahs.

And Viviana finally got to meet her little friend Matilda, since she was sick at Matilda's first birthday party.  
Thank God for parents who help with big birthday parties! *kiss* 
Even though Ivan was out of town, Kat still came, which was awesome! 
 And the awesome Dollars!
Cheers to my precious little angel with cotton candy champagne! 
She's my little girl thru & thru! She didn't get it all over her face or dress, but boy did she smash the heck outta it all over her high chair tray.
We love you Sharps! 
And we love the Van Houtens too! 
How awesome is it that we all met back in 1992 & here we are, 21 years later, still friends, with our babies! And believe it or not there are 4 birthday girls in this picture- Beth (Jan. 24th), Felicia (Jan. 25th), Viviana (Jan 26th) and Matilda (Jan. 28th) and my Mother in Law, Maria's birthday is also Jan. 24th! Happy birthday lovely ladies!! 
And so glad the LeClercs came!!

I am so, so blessed to be surrounded by such love.  After the party, I thought to myself, this was the best party we've thrown in years. Maybe because it's just amazing to be around so many people we love SO much & love us? Maybe because it was less work than a lot of our other big parties over the last few years?Or maybe it was because with Viviana I realize this might be the last time we're moving past this milestone of a one year old's birthday and it's so sweet. Tear. I think back a year ago to my wonderful labor, but my scary emergency c-section and the anticipation of my baby girl.  I remember the 3 months after I had her, after my terrible health scare and healing of the c-section were literally the best 2-ish months of my life, just enjoying all three of my amazing kids at home and doing nothing but concentrating on loving, snuggling & spending time with those angels. I feel so incredibly blessed to have had Viviana for 1 whole year, and Judah for 5 years and Quinn for 4 years. So far with kids, it just keeps getting better & better, so I try not to be too sentimental to these days and look forward to what's ahead!

 And the best gift of your baby turning one? No more of THIS. C-ya later formula. WOOT WOOT.


Beth VH said...

My Goodness! What a lovely post with such beautiful pictures. You captured Vivi's birthday so well all while being a party hostest and Mama of the the birthday girl! I'm in love with the close ups of her cupcakes and decor on the table. Girl, your photog skillz are sweeeeet! (who needs a DSLR anyways??... I'm so impressed w/ your Canon!) okay, enough picture talk.... We had such a lovely time celebrating your sweet girl's first year with ya'll!! Blessings and much love!!

Beth VH said...
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