Monday, December 16, 2013

We must be Kool & the Gang! Cause we're doing a lot of celebratin' up in here!

We have a lot to celebrate in December. Not only the expected, but also Quinn's birthday on the 15th & Our anniversary on the 16th!
Quinn had a Mexican FIESTA this year for his 5th birthday!
It was a rainy & gloomy day, but a GOOD day packed with fun adventures!

This boy has brought so much JOY into our lives. From day one he was so easy & happy & just a little clown.
Smitten with his big bro & the BEST share-er. He always thinks about others & is a little social butterfly.
Judah barely mentions any of the little girls in his life, where as Quinn tells me every other day who he's going to marry & who is girlfriend is. First he wanted to marry me, then Viviana, and now he's really into his little friend Charlotte. Can you say lady killer?
And he has a STORY for everyone about everything. & most aren't true & totally outlandish.  And no matter what you've done, he's done it too. (going to the moon, building a house, etc).
While Judah is our voice of reason, Quinn keeps us rolling.  He is a total & complete clown.
We are SO blessed to have him!

Quinn was SO embarrassed when we all stated singing Happy Birthday to him!

Quinn told the Schofields that he was going to marry their daughter (in purple).... (it's his "GF", Charlotte).

After Quinn's morning birthday party we drove to Moncks Corner, then to Jedburg, then to downtown for more activities. We had some pooped little partiers!
We couldn't miss Ivan's birthday party- the annual ugly Christmas sweater party!

Happy Birthday Ivan!! We love you!

Aren't these adorbs! Kat is so talented with her food. :)

Ramon is flying home tomorrow, we'll miss him & were so glad he was here for so many special celebrations this year!

Just doesn't get much cuter than these 3 little Christmas elves....

I cannot believe it's been 8 years (!!!!) since I married the BEST person I know.
There are so many wonderful things about Guillermo, too many to count.  I am SO glad to be with him 4-Eva!
Remembering that amazing, magical day 8 years ago! The Christmas- Rock -n- Roll-ness.... ahhhh, my only regret, not video-ing the ceremony!!!

Ahhhh, I feel so blessed!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Real Christmas Miracles!!!

Ok, so if you know me, you know I'm a bit Christmas obsessed.  My wedding was Christmas themed on December 16th & I just can't get enough of this season. The activities, the kindness, the love, the shopping, the decorating, the eating, the family events, the friend events, if Christmas was a fruit I'd be jumping on that thing to squeeze out every, last, drop.
Well, this year is turning out to be a very special Christmas.
This is not a preachy statement, I promise you, it's a statement of hope. When you faithfully tithe, God will blow you away with his faithfulness to sustain you, even when it does not make sense.  Even when you think it's impossible. Even when you feel bad for hoping God will provide for luxury things, like giving your kids Christmas presents when they are so blessed.....
So here's my story (s):
First of all, this year we have committed to not put one Christmas gift, food item, or activity on a credit card (for the 2nd year in a row) this month, now matter what that means. But this year, unlike last year, we've vowed not to push one December bill into January because of Christmas. We've had to cut waaaaay back on gift giving but it was getting to the point where I was worried that we couldn't even do for the kids. So, out of the blue an anonymous generous soul left our family a money gift taped to our back window last weekend.  At first I was so embarrassed that once we were the family that got to do that for others & now we were the recipient of that charity, but 2 seconds later I just felt like this was God's gift to us for being disciplined with our money this year and blessed someone to bless us, I was & still am blown away! Quinn thinks God himself wrote that card & posted it on the back door. Well God certainly touched someone's heart to do that. And I pray that God blesses that person abundantly for their generosity. And since then God has blessed us two more times financially so now I am not stressed about Christmas! What a MAJOR blessing!!!
And then, if you follow me on Instagram, you know the pain in the behind we've dealt with in the past month when our 11 month old washing machine's lid was mysteriously broken one day. Anyways, it's not covered under warranty (since they say it'd have to be human error), so we had to save our money & wait on the part to come in.  When we finally ordered it, they said it'd take almost 2 weeks. I was so sad, but it came in after 3 days! Now that my friend, when you do at least 2 loads a day is a MIRACLE!
Now finally, the miracle of all miracles.  About a month ago I was reading in Psalms and it said something to the effect of you need to pray specifically for what you need. So every morning when Guillermo & Judah leave for school/work I hear Guillermo's car screeching out of the drive way. Now we've spent HUNDREDS of dollars over the past 2 years trying to fix that screech, with no avail. The car was my baby, my first big buy after getting my job with Chas PD, a 1998 BMW 318ti.  Despite it being WAY to small for us not & a 15 year old car & started to have a lot of issues, the AC stopped working, the windows stopped working, but it was paid off, we were going to drive that thing into the ground.   Even Judah told me "Mama, Daddy hates his car because it makes noise and it's hot".... I was so sad, so every day, I started praying "God, we need a miracle for Guillermo's car. Either send the money to totally fix the squeal & AC and other issues (head gasket was starting to leak, etc) or send us a new car by a miracle".  Not less than 5 days since I was praying that INSANE prayer everyday my brother in law called Guillermo and said that because their car could not pass the state of Georgia's emissions test they had no option but to get rid of their car and in ATL their only option was to sell the car for parts and so instead they were going to GIVE us the car!!
So not only were we getting a free car but they'd drive it down for thanksgiving the next week!!
I still can't even believe it. What a GOOD GOD. Tell me that's not a Christmas miracle?!
 And to boot, we sold our car to Gmo's coworker & we were able to do several needed things with the money including getting a dehumidifier under our house, which is normally a $3500 job with the unit we got and because our friend from church owns a H&A company & found us a used machine it was only a fraction of the cost!
Blessings upon blessings.
Trust God to take care of you. Trust that tithing is the ONLY way to live with your finances. I'm no millionaire but all of our needs are always met & in the most insane & glorious of ways.
I hope that you experience all the miracles of Christmas & this season & this season is a time of peace & rest for you & not stress!
And so this is our new, FREE, car. God is good!

Monday, December 9, 2013

And it's begun! Christmas MAGIC!

Every year I know how almost every weekend will pan out in December. And it's wonderful!
First Friday of the month, the Hanahan Tree Lighting... and this year we did it at our new Amphitheater!

Vivi wasn't sure what she thinks about jolly ol' St Nick!
Then the first Saturday of December is the Hanahan Christmas Parade & the Judson's annual Christmas Party!

We're excited to have Guillermo's Dad, Ramon join us for our Christmas activities this year!

Quinn demanded to wear his police uniform to be like my Hanahan co-workers.  He also found himself a 7 year old girlfriend.

Vivi was an angel the entire time & just loved watching the parade (and eating the 80 lbs of candy they were thrown)....

Quinn & his girlfriend, going strong! (proof, every girl loves a guy in uniform?!)

These 2 Puerto Ricans, feeling the USA love!

The kids love my co-workers. They make them feel so special. Our Fire Chief, Chief Barham let them wear his helmet.

We always have so much fun with the Judsons & their family and our friends at this party. I can't wait for the year when ALL the kids are able to hang with their friends & I can have un-interrupted conversations. Right now, talking to me is like talking to delusional person with Tourette's.  I have shifty eyes, always watching behind the person to see what the monkey (Viv) is up to, then I shout, VIVIANA, come back here! and totally interrupt the person. It's exhausting. I wouldn't want to talk to me. ughh.

Don't ever ask a drunk person to take your annual Judson's Party Christmas Photo. Sigh.
Christmas 2010- Judah 3, Quinn 1
Christmas 2011-  Judah 4, Quinn 2
Christmas 2012- Judah 5, Quinn 3, Vivi 8 months in utero. :)

I really wanted to post pics of the kids tree for posterity's sake....

Vivi's tree.  I looooove a girly white tree!!

Every year we do our advent calendar of activities. Mostly free things, around the house. Lots of movies & snacks & family time. Sunday was my FAVORITE movie, Polar Express with hot chocolate. Now the naughty monkey (Viv) somehow snuck into my room, with her sippy cup of hot chocolate and poured hot chocolate ALL OVER my mattress pad cover. (the sheets were washing). Ughhhhh.
Oh well, not even naughty toddler moments can ruin these great Christmas days!