Monday, June 25, 2012

The Ghetto Fairytale

Once upon a time, it was the most beautiful Saturday evening and the cotton candy clouds were calling to us to go outside and enjoy the beautiful night after a fun day of flea marketing and swimming....

So all the kings horses and all the kings men decided to get some exercise and take a nice walk. And then decided to walk to the CORNER STORE FOR SOME TREATS. And when I say corner store. I mean Coh-Noh-Stoh. 
The boys & I got popsicles (and chocolate and strawberry milk after the boys proceeded to shove half the bottles in their mouth in the middle of the store before I agreed they could get them)...... 
And baby girl got a Mexican beer. I know, I know what you're thinking..... that girl needs to be drinking LIGHT beer.... 
And then Sunday after our rejuvenating walk to the corner store & a inspiring sermon about "a well manicured yard is the only way to Heaven" (just kidding, thankfully you don't get to Heaven because of your gardening skills of curb appeal, or else we'd be doomed) we decided to do some yard work! Vivi is excited! 
 Here is evidence of my "black thumb of death" (see the hanging baskets to the bottom right)- I've killed EVERY plant I've ever owned. Even a cactus once. True story.
Well wait, I lied, apparently my garden of weeds (aka wild flower mix) just can't stop growing, see that brick circle of disaster behind Judah's legs? I tried to get Judah to repulsor blast the plants with his Iron Man arm, but it didn't work and we had to pull every darn one. 
And after we cleared the weeds wild flowers from our planter box thingy we planted succulents, which as far as my non-gardening mind is concerned, I think it's pretty fool proof, like a cactus (maybe it is a form of a cactus).... which really, is it humanly possible to be an accidental serial cactus killer? I hope not. 
And then when Dad is at the night service playing drums and a tired mama is over being outside we play the pants on our head game....... 
And the "I'm the incredible hulk" and that's why I have permission to roar at the top of my lungs without my shirt game. 
And all the meanwhile girlfriend is bouncing away, which Judah claims he just taught her how to do this week! Both boys were like jumping beans from the moment their little feet hit the floor in the jumperoo, Viviana has eased into jumping and even now she daintily jumps on her little tippy toes and just watches her super hero brothers roaring at the top of their lungs.  Just another magical weekend.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

We love a night time adventure at the beach! Even if by the time I got off work, got the car & kids loaded and drove to the beach it was dark. :)  There's nothing like walking on the Folly Beach pier to make you feel like you're on vacation for a few minutes of a busy weekend. 

Baby girl is starting to get the look.... that look kids get when they want to start doing everything everyone around them is doing... like "before I was just a blob, now I want to DO stuff like ya'll"!  
Like sitting! She's getting better & better, sitting for about ten to twenty seconds before it's TIMBER and she's down.  
And loving her toys. So far she's most thrilled with things like this where there is a little bit of fabric she can shove in her mouth. :) 
 The poor girl gets eaten up by mosquitos, no matter how much baby friendly spray we put on her, we've tried the anti-mosquito bracelets, she only goes outside during the day in her jammies so she has long sleeves and legs and then they eat her face!  What's next? A mesh hat like they wear in the amazon?? 
 The boys loooove brushing their teeth, so they are in the bathroom many times a day brushing their teeth-  and making faces at themselves in the mirror BUT the thing I've dreaded would happen since I found out my little buns in the oven were boys, they took their toys swimming in the toilet. So no more playing in the bathroom for them....... (and we only knew because it was a plush animal soaking wet, how many other toys have gone for a swim??? GROSS. boys. sigh)
 We had some of our sweetest friends over this weekend!
 Judah & Quinn LOVE my friends older kids, mind you in a "i'm sorry my kid is attacking your kids/throwing their toys at them/trying to climb them like a tree" kind of way, but they literally laid on those sweet kids all night. I'm just glad they were such great sports for the little guys. 
Auntie Gale loves her baby!  What a blessing good friends are, especially friends that love your kids so much!
 And of course we can't forget our Father's Day celebration! I am SO happy that the kids have such an amazing Dad, in every way he is so good to our family and I know the kids will be forever changed by having such an awesome Dad. I know I am forever changed by my amazing Dad! Dad's have such a unique ability to build their children up by their encouragement and support.  I know I felt like I could do anything in life because of my Dad's encouragement.... and the weird thing was I wanted to be exactly like my Dad and still do (which is especially odd since my Mom is so freakin amazing too)... I guess this explains why I hate to cook but love to ride motorcycles and shoot guns. :) But I am blessed every single day of my life by Guillermo and the type of father he is to the kids and husband to me, and by my Dad, by the type of father he was to me and grandfather he is to the kids. 

And we are incredibly thankful for our other amazing Dad's  (and Abuelo's to the kids too): Jose & Ramon! We wish you were closer to us to give you lots of hugs & celebrate father's day with you! But we're so excited because Maria & Jose are making an international trip to South Cackalack in just a few weeks! 

Monday, June 11, 2012

He was so excited when I told him the chef would throw shrimp at his face.....

Sometimes I can see that middle child thing going on with Quinn and when I feel like he needs a little bit of extra attention it's Mama/Quinn date night to the rescue! 
So Friday after another hard day for Quinn, I told G, that we HAD to go out, just my Quinny & I for some good Q.T. I told him we were going somewhere special, somewhere where a man throws shrimp at your face. And he was sold.
So we went to the Japanese steakhouse  where Quinn giggled nonstop by the silly Japanese hibachi chef's jokes and was so excited by his chopsticks (seen here in the photo, but when they came apart and he and Judah started using them as daggers they had to go in the trash).

On date nights with your kids you teach them important life lessons.....
 Like how to cross your eyes really hard and contort your face. He has the cross eyed part down well, so we'll keep working on that crucial second step, don't worry, that'll be on our next date night.
 We were so excited to have one of my great, amazing friends come visit.... Ed!  He'll  have to teach the kids how to sing Word Up, like crossing your eyes, a life skill that will really enhance every party, wedding, important work meeting... 

I think Viviana may be able to break a Guinness book of world's records record for receiving the most kisses of any baby in the world.  We're just a PDA kinda family! 
 And Quinn is not to be outdone by his brother and has to give her kisses too!

This weekend we got to celebrate two very special people! We went to Jackson's bday party & my Mom's bday dinner!  Don't you love how they have to bring their pet mice with them to the party??

Vivi says, Wait!! They got to bring toys?? That's ok, I have 3 yards of neon pink toille fabric to shove in my mouth, that's the only toy I need. 
Happy birthday to the sweet, smart & handsome birthday boy! We love you! 
One thing I've noticed about the difference between having a girl and boys is that with the boys, you're so happy for them to be independent and go off and play and appreciate when they are tough and strong and brave, but with my girl, I just want her to sit and snuggle with me forever! Odd, since I appreciate very strong, independent, courageous women... I hope I don't carry her around til she's 16, that'd be awkward! Lol. 
Our growing crew! We love the Van Houten kids so much, they're such "best buddies" as they call each other.
For my Mom's bday we just hung out & Guillermo & I made dinner! I looove it how my parents play with the kids and their house is the same  way as when I went to my grandparents house, filled with fun toys! 
YUMMMM. I want more shrimp & grits!! 
Happy birthday to the best Mom in the whole world! My Mom is the sweetest, most selfless, hardest working, encouraging person I know. I only hope to become more like her through the years. I don't know what I'd do without her! 
Guillermo's sister Carla sent Vivi 3 of her dolls from when she was young! The dolls are so cute and the same size as Viviana! I had to take a picture of Vivi when she was itty bitty so when she plays with the dolls in a few years I'll be able to look back at this picture AND BURST INTO TEARS at how fast she's grown and how she used to be so tiny, wait, that was a horrible idea to take this picture, I'm deleting it immediately!! JUST kidding. :) Thank you Titi Carla for sharing your dolls!

Monday, June 4, 2012

A little bit of Italy on the Isle of Palms

I think it's best for my pockets that I should never be allowed to visit Europe, the shopping there seems so amazing!! I mean, c'mon, a place where Ikea and H&M were invented? My shopping Heaven. Anyways, the kids have been blessed with some amazing Italian things from their Abuela & Abuelo including these adorable linen outfits.

Vivi's at the point where she only wants to study her dress and determine how much fabric she can shove in her mouth, so every picture of her she's looking down!  
Let's play the game: count how many arm rolls my sweet chunker has!  I just eat that precious girl up! 
At her 4 month Dr's appt she weighed in at a whopping 20 lbs! So far she's as big as her brothers were at the 99th percentile... Judah's my strong boy! My Mom always tells me when I was 4 years old I tried to pick her up all the time (seriously, what's up with that??) and the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, Judah wants to pick all of his friends and siblings up too! It's all good until a pile of kids fall on their head, right?
Beth & crew came to the beach with us! Look at that awesome happy boy! 
Vivi had on her sweet little Italian bathing suit. Here she's probably scheming how she could possibly rip off her bathing suit and shove the whole thing in her mouth. Did your babies love to chew on fabric? She's my first, Judah & Quinn had a pacifier in 24/7, she's my first baby who hates a pacifier, so I guess they find other things to chew on....

 The happy little beach boys! All showered up & ready to go thanks to the amazing Charleston County park amenities right on the beach.
 On Sunday, Viviana and I snuggled and played while Gmo and the boys watched in agony as Carolina pulled out a win against Clemson in extra innings in baseball.
Which of course inspired the boys to play hall way baseball. Little did I know when we bought the house 6 years ago that the hallway would end up being a soccer field, a baseball diamond, a hockey rink, a bowling lane.......

See how beautiful Quinn's smile is when he isn't doing his crazy smile face? I'm not sure when he'll stop doing the Fire Marshall Bill face as his smile, but hopefully one of these days! :) 

I'm still so thankful for how loving and sweet these boys are towards their sister. I hope it lasts their whole life! (Is that just wishful thinking??) 
Guillermo has been dreaming about building himself a firepit/smoker for six months and he finally finished the smoker part. He smoked chicken thighs for 6 hours on Sunday and they were delish! 
My happy meat man. 
And I had to post a picture of Vivi in her cute dress from Debbie & Bob.

Vivi's saying "throw your hands up in the air, wave them around like you just don't care"- you know you have to teach a kid how to get the party started young!